‘kat.ph’ is down??


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Hi this is a real quick update as son as I came to know about it. Well just today on 27th off course, the famous torrent site KickAss Torrent’s web address http://www.kat.ph has not been working, possibly because the domain name expired.

Its  a matter of concern for extreme internet users, off course it is we all know.

Screen shots seem like this




So here is the final update, try www.kickasstorrents.com and VOILA, it worked!

Ah, second most used torrent site just seemed to have been taken away. My heart too was beating fast as it repeatedly gave an error since morning!

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The famous Torrent Site ‘Pirate Bay’ soon to release a documentary.


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World famous Torrent website The Pirate Bay a.k.a. TPB- is soon releasing a documentary exploring the people behind notorious torrent site. Movie is named as TPB-AFK, Torrent Pirate Bay-Away From Keyboard.

The project of started two years ago and part-funded on Kickstarter, but production was barred by Supreme Court of Sweden.

Finally the movie has a release date and to a greater surprise will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD  simultaneously with its display on Berlin’s International Film Festival called Berlinale on February 8th 2013.

In the words of  Director Simon Klose

By sharing this film under a Creative Commons license, we hope to contribute to a serious debate about the social and economic benefits of sharing. We also hope to prove that sharing can be a realistic business model.

The Official Trailer

Lets see what revelations are to be made by this most awaited documentary. What efforts have their team made to make international authorities realize positives about Sharing.

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Look at your self Objectively.


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This post is a general discussion about the human tendencies. A thought that is borrowed from some other article (revelations to follow) after reading which, I was greatly moved.

How much do we like to hear good about anything that surrounds us? How much do we like to hear good about ourselves?

Now if I talk other way round, How much criticism can we face? And how much do we find it interesting to hear that if we failed at something, we were the losers and didn’t plan it well? Not much! I can vouch for that!


Aaron Swartz  was an American computer programmer, writer,

political organizer andInternet activist.

Born Aaron H. Swartz[1]
November 8, 1986
ChicagoIllinois, U.S.
Died January 11, 2013 (aged 26)
Crown HeightsBrooklyn, New York, U.S.
Cause of death Suicide, by hanging
Occupation Software developer, writer, Internet activist

On Friday, January 11, programmer and activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide in New York City. And it was heart rending that this happened again, while history already had many unfaithful incidents in its depth like this one.

I was reading various articles about him for past few days and more sorry to feel that reading after he passed away. I knew ab0ut him long before, never have read much then but, now I even saw his Web blog RAW THOUGHT . I was speechless after reading this post, like someone had shown a mirror in open!

Though at some personal level, I do follow what was written in there by Myself but still it was more alive while reading. This one is part of a ‘Three in a Series’  on his blog . I am republishing this one here

In the 1840s, hospitals were dangerous places. Mothers who went in to give birth often didn’t make it out. For example, at Vienna General Hospital’s First Obstetrical Clinic, as many as 10% of mothers died of puerperal fever after giving birth. But there was some good news: at the Second Clinic, the number was just 4%. Expectant mothers noticed this — some would get down on their knees and beg to be admitted to the Second Clinic. Others, hearing new patients were being admitted to the First Clinic that day, decided they’d rather give birth in the streets.

Ignaz Semmelweis, an assistant at the First Clinic, couldn’t bear it. He began desperately searching for some kind of explanation for the difference. He tested many things without success. Then, in 1847, Semmelweis’s friend Jakob Kolletschka was performing an autopsy when a student accidentally poked him with a scalpel. It was a minor injury, but Kolletschka got terribly sick and ultimately passed away, with symptoms rather like the what the mothers had. Which got Semmelweis wondering: was some “deathly material” on the corpses responsible for the deaths?

To test this, he insisted the doctors begin washing their hands with chlorinated lime (which he found best removed the stink of death) before handling the pregnant women. The results were shocking. In April 1847, the mortality rate was 18.3%. Semmelweis instituted handwashing in mid-May and by June the mortality rate had crashed to 2.2%. The next month it was even less and later that year it reached zero — for the first time ever.

You’d think doctors would be thrilled by this incredible discovery. Instead, Semmelweis was ridiculed and attacked. He was fired from the hospital and forced out of Vienna. “In published medical works my teachings are either ignored or attacked,” he complained. “The medical faculty at Würzburg awarded a prize to a monograph written in 1859 in which my teachings were rejected.” Even in his native Vienna, hundreds of mothers continued to die every year.

Semmelweis turned to alcohol and his behavior became increasingly erratic. In 1865, he was committed to a mental institution. There he was beaten by the guards, placed in a straitjacket, and locked in a dark cell. He died shortly thereafter, at the age of 47, from an infected wound.

Why did doctors so stubbornly reject Ignaz Semmelweis? Well, imagine being told you were responsible for the deaths of thousands of your patients. That you had been killing the people you were supposed to be protecting. That you were so bad at your job that you were actually worse than just giving birth in the street.

We all know people don’t like to hear bad news about themselves. Indeed, we go out of our way to avoid it — and when we do confront it, we try to downplay it or explain it away. Cognitive dissonance psychologists have proven it in dozens of experiments: Force students through an embarrassing initiation to take a class, and they’ll insist the class is much more interesting. Make them do a favor for someone they hate, and they start insisting they actually like them. Have them make a small ethical compromises and they’ll feel comfortable making bigger and bigger ones. Instead of just accepting we made a mistake, and shouldn’t have compromised or done the favor or join the class, we start telling ourselves that compromising isn’t so bad — and when the next compromise comes along, we believe the lies we tell ourselves, and leap at making another mistake. We hate hearing bad news about ourselves so much that we’d ratherchange our behavior than just admit we screwed up.

It doesn’t help much when our friends point out what we did wrong. If we’re so scared of hearing from ourselves that we made a mistake, just imagine how much we hate hearing it from someone else. And our friends know this: the answer to “Does this outfit make me look fat?” is not supposed to be “yes.” We may joke about our friends’ foibles behind their back, but we rarely do so to their face. Even at work, a lot of effort goes into making sure employees are insulated from their superior’s most negative assessments. This is what we’re taught: make five compliments for every criticism, sandwich negative feedback with positive feedback on each side, the most important thing is to keep up someone’s self-esteem.

But, as Semmelweis showed, this is a dangerous habit. Sure, it’s awful to hear you’re killing people—but it’s way worse tokeep on killing people! It may not be fun to get told you’re lazy, but it’s better to hear it now than to find out when you’re fired. If you want to work on getting better, you need to start by knowing where you are.

Semmelweis was defeated about as much as a man can be defeated. But nothing the other doctors could do to him would change the facts. Eventually scientists proved the germ theory of disease and Semmelweis was vindicated. Today, he’s an international hero: universities and hospitals are named after him, his house has been turned into a museum, Austria even put his face on a €50 gold coin. Meanwhile, the doctors who opposed him are now seen as close-minded killers.

Try as you might, you can’t beat reality. Semmelweis was right: those doctors were killing people. Firing him, driving him out of the country, writing long books disproving all his claims — none of it could change that frightening fact. The doctors may have thought they were winning the argument at the time, but they were big losers in the long run. And so were all the families that lost a loved one because they refused to admit their mistake.

But imagine if they had. When you’re being attacked, conceding you screwed up seems like the worst thing you can do. If even you won’t stand up for yourself, how can anyone else believe in you? Admitting your mistakes seems like giving up; it just proves that your opponents were right all along. But is it really so bad?

When Oprah started defending fabulist James Frey, she was savaged by the press. So she invited her critics on the show and apologized, saying “You were right, I was wrong.” It didn’t destroy her reputation; it rescued it. When the space shuttleColumbia exploded, launch manager Wayne Hale took full responsibility: “The bottom line is that I failed to understand what I was being told…I am guilty of allowing Columbia to crash.” He was promoted. When JFK admitted the responsibility for the Bay of Pigs fiasco was “mine, and mine alone,” his poll numbers soared.

Imagine the same thing in your own life. If your boss started taking responsibility for your organization’s problems instead of blaming others, wouldn’t you like him more? If your doctor told you honestly that she had screwed up a procedure, instead of trying to cover up the mistake, wouldn’t you prefer that? If a politician came clean that their policy proposals had failed, wouldn’t you be more likely to trust him?

In moments of great emotional stress, we revert to our worst habits: we dig in and fight harder. The real trick is not to get better at fighting — it’s to get better at stopping ourselves: at taking a deep breath, calming down, and letting our better natures take over from our worst instincts.

Even if seeing ourselves objectively is the best option, all our natural instincts all point the other direction. Not only do we try hard to avoid bad news about ourselves, we tend to exaggerate the good news. Imagine you and Jane are both up for a promotion. You want it bad, so you stay late, you work weekends. Sure, some things still slip through the cracks — but even those mistakes have really good reasons! Jane never does anything like that.

But if she did — would you even know? We see the world from our own perspective. When we have to cancel hanging out with friends to do extra work, we always see that — and feel the sacrifice. But when Jane does it, we see and feel nothing. You only get to see your own perspective. And even our mistakes make sense from our perspective — we see all of the context, everything that led up to it. It all makes sense because we saw it happen. When we screw up, it’s for a reason. When other people screw up, it’s because they’re screwups.

Looking at ourselves objectively isn’t easy. But it’s essential if we ever want to get better. And if we don’t do it, we leave ourselves open to con artists and ethical compromisers who prey on our desire to believe we’re perfect. There’s no one solution, but here are some tricks I use to get a more accurate sense of myself:

  • Embrace your failings. Be willing to believe the worst about yourself. Remember: it’s much better to accept that you’re a selfish, racist moron and try to improve, than to continue sleepwalking through life that way as the only one who doesn’t know it.
  • Studiously avoid euphemism. People try and sugarcoat the tough facts about themselves by putting them in the best light possible. They say “Well, I was going to get to it, but then there was that big news story today” and not “Yeah, I was procrastinating on it and started reading the news instead.” Stating things plainly makes it easier to confront the truth.
  • Reverse your projections. Every time you see yourself complaining about other groups or other people, stop yourself and think: “is it possible, is there any way, that someone out there might be making the same complaints about me?”
  • Look up, not down. It’s always easy to make yourself look good by finding people even worse than you. Yes, we agree, you’re not the worst person in the world. That’s not the question. The question is whether you can get better — and to do that you need to look at the people who are even better than you.
  • Criticize yourself. The main reason people don’t tell you what they really think of you is they’re afraid of your reaction. (If they’re right to be afraid, then you need to start by working on that.) But people will feel more comfortable telling you the truth if you start by criticizing yourself, showing them that it’s OK.
  • Find honest friends. There are some people who are just congenitally honest. For others, it’s possible to build a relationship of honesty over time. Either way, it’s important to find friends who you can trust to tell to tell you the harsh truths about yourself. This is really hard — most people don’t like telling harsh truths. Some people have had success providing an anonymous feedback form for people to submit their candid reactions.
  • Listen to the criticism. Since it’s so rare to find friends who will honestly criticize you, you need to listen extra-carefully when they do. It’s tempting to check what they say against your other friends. For example, if one friend says the short story you wrote isn’t very good, you might show it to some other friends and ask them what they think. Wow, they all think it’s great! Guess that one friend was just an outlier. But the fact is that most of your friends are going to say it’s great because they’re your friend; by just taking their word for it, you end up ignoring the one person who’s actually being honest with you.
  • Take the outside view. As I said before, we’re always locked in our own heads, where everything we do makes sense. So try seeing what you look like from the outside for a bit, assuming you don’t know any of those details. Sure, your big money-making plan sounds like a great idea when you explain it, but if you throw that away, is there any external evidence that it will work?
Look at Yourself Objectively @ Raw Thought by Aaron Swartz

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‘MEGA’ is the new word for ‘Megaupload !

mega1 mega4

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There had been a lot in the  world of internet in the year 2012. From Censor to Lawsuits, it has always been a matter of global discussions and in certain cases, criticism. Once such story, we may all know about is about the seizure of the ile sharing website MEGAUPLOAD in early 2012. But it is Back, with certain changes this while.

Well, Kim Dotcom, the owner of MEGUPLOAD, was for long in the hit list of US government for his service Mega Upload being accused of copyright infringement by the US claiming to cost the entertainment industry $500M through pirated content. He is fighting the attempt to extradite Kim Dotcom to the US.


Mega has a complete makeover this time. A dedicated file server with special options for people with developer profiles. A separate management for mobile users and support for spreadsheets and google docs!

Here is the new look of the all new MEGA, the cloud sharing website in its Beta phase.



Users menu


Well, there are future enhancements posted by MEGA team as follows:

Developer documentation enhancements:

  • Properly reformat and comment the JavaScript reference implementation so that it becomes more readable
  • Add missing command-specific documentation to the API reference

File transfer queue enhancements:

  • Vertical resizing
  • Drag & Drop to modify transfer sequence
  • Multiselect
  • Clicking on a pending transfer navigates to/marks the source file or the target folder
  • Stop/continue buttons

File manager enhancements:

  • Re-implement from scratch without underlying third-party UI framework for better performance
  • Adaptively eliminate the leftmost file path buttons at the top to maintain visibility of the upload and search buttons (we have a hack in place for this, but it only works in Chrome)
  • “Properties” option in the file context menu

Collaboration feature enhancements:

  • MEGA user-to-user messaging with file attachments, plus external RFC 4880/OpenPGP and S/MIME gateway for secure off-site e-mail communication
  • MEGA user-to-user instant messaging
  • Exported link enhancements
  • Allow for the creation of folder links (with associated crypto key) which then display the folder content live
  • Secure unauthenticated delivery web widget
  • Allow unauthenticated users to securely deliver files to MEGA users’ inboxes, e.g. to submit very large files to print shops

Filesystem enhancements:

  • Activate storing all block MACs on the server (encrypted) after an upload to allow for integrity-checked partial reading. Right now, the file has to be downloaded fully to be checked.
  • Enable forking encrypted time-stamped delta file support to allow for random writing to existing files with full rollback capability

SDK enhancements

  • Complete the API documentation
  • Provide client libraries in various languages

Client applications

  • A Windows filesystem mount is currently in beta and will be available shortly
  • Linux/MacOS X filesystem mounts
  • Mobile access
  • Sync tools for all major platforms

Integrated on-site applications

  • Calendar
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet

MEGA as a local “appliance”

  • Load a third-party audited version of the MEGA JavaScript files from a machine that you control
  • Be immune against new bugs of any kind

You can Check thew all new MEGA here.

Just remember, the website is in BETA phase and there is some time delay in opening due to visitor load. Indeed everyone want to attend the most famous File sharing giant’s Homecoming!

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Music like that? Trust me you may get ‘Addicted’.


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Now this one I would call something phenomenal! Recently I was just ‘Youtub-ing’ ( I hardly ever do) random videos and some acapella version of various songs, Linkin park specially. I came across this most amzingly-unbelievably-incredibly-Talented singer who, not only makes sounds of various instruments with his mouth but, records completely already famous songs!
his Name…find it yourself out!

Well we use a term ‘beatboxing’ for this activity. As its definition, it is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

And trust me you will love him too, once you watch these videos below and then say if  i really was right to get amazed!


video 2

Since you would so much want to know how he does it…

Oh you would love music like that trust me!

For more fun find more videos of his on Youtube and find him here.

By the way best thing I like about him besides ‘what he does’ is, Typography he uses to write his name in style.

Oh Geez, ‘Typography’ is ‘Font’ dude!

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Tricky Android 4.2 Menu: ‘Developer Options’ are hidden!


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You will be really amazed to find out that the new Android Os version 4.2 (Jelly Beans) has a hidden menu, which was previously easily available, but now being Hidden. Yes, the ‘Developer Options‘ is missing from normal menu view. And if you are a Developer, you may beat your head at first, on not finding this Menu where it was supposed to be!

Well ascertain of why Google hid it from the Menu (probably because these may be dangerous for normal users) but, here is a simple trick to how to make it visible.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go down to the “System” sub-section of the settings menu at the bottom
  • Hit “About Phone [or Tablet]”
  • At or near the bottom, you should see the “Build number” header
  • Tap this area about 10 times, and the Developer Options menu should appear.






Once you do this, Developer options appear at the bottom and now you can carry on enjoying your upgrade!

ah…did I really saved you from a SHOCK…?


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Search anything instantly from a specific-website directly from ‘Address Bar’ in Chrome!


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Well this is realy interesting and short post, telling you how to search a specific-website related query, directly from a EMPTY NEW TAB in Google Chrome Browser. This is not at all a trick or any geek thing. Infact, it is a feature in Google chrome browser that most of us may have just missed or never cared about!

Here you go…
For example you have to make a search directly to IMDB, we wil proceed like this.
Just click in address/search bar and Type imdb.com followed by a Space bar stroke. ( Or press TAB button).

Images here



Actually Chrome uses a smart step of adding the Search providers in memory, if you have used the SEARCH button on any website even once. Like these in my Chrome Settings.


SO next time…search a quickie like a finger’s click!

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WhatsApp on PC…..WOW!


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We are all so much addicted to WhatsApp already. Indeed an amazing chat application available on all the platforms. I would like you to know today, how can you make it run on your PC! Yes and also with this you can run various android apps on your PC..Laptop on Windows or Mac platform.

Things you will need: An Android Emulator for Windows/Mac platform, Internet & PC ( else it doesn’t works…lol )

We will be using Bluestacks App Player. This emulator is most famous one these days and works really really good. It is in the beta testing stage so may crash sometimes but, I have used it personally and still am using it. So far so good no crashed till date!

Here are some screen shots of the Emulator


bluestack Loading




Notification Bar

We will search the App we want to install in search bar, like Whatsapp here.


Installing Whatsapp


Google Playstore


Downloading App

Register Whatsapp with your information.


Registering On Whatsapp

Well it was not so tough to make it happen, isn’t it?

All you need is Bluestack and a mobile number (off-course you do).

Download it from here

any issues you can ask in the comment section here or check for resolved ones at Bluestacks’ own site.

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Here comes ‘online yellow page’ for Indian mobile users too; TrueCaller.


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You will really be amazed after reading this application suggestion for your Android and iOS devices. I may have been a bit late to know about this application but if you still haven’t downloaded this one, then this will be your application of the day.

Here is a Yellow page application TRUECALLER, actually a directory used worldwide for searching people by entering their phone numbers or name. Indian Mobile Mass can now benefit from it, which can give you the name of the Unknown number call.  And this application comes out handy in knowing about at least some information about the number if, that was one in your ‘annoying callers’ List. Moreover you can surprise your friends by telling the name of the person using that number!

Basically it is a White Pages, Yellow Pages and Phone number directory with around half a Billion phone number Worldwide as claimed by the Application makers.



Well the application works in a very simple manner(you may not like it). It searches the number uploaded by the application from users on TRUECALLER and provides you with a result. For your info, you may sometimes get a wrong name for a number or not a name at all. For example, you may get somebody’s name as ‘XYZ Uncle Delhi’ just because the person from whose contacts it has been updated must have saved it like that!


Facebook connect

Spam protection from message and calls both

Notification options

Ask a friend (on Facebook)

Permissions required:

DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS: to perform call from Truecaller.

RECEIVE SMS/READ SMS: : to search SMS senders.

FULL INTERNET ACCESS: to communicate with services from truecaller.

WRITE CONTACT DATA: to save contacts in the phonebook.

READ CONTACT DATA: to check if a number exists in the phonebook.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: to interact with calls.

INTERCEPT OUTGOING CALLS: to perform searches during outgoing.

DISABLE KEYLOCK: to display caller state.

VIEW NETWORK STATE: to check network connection.

MODIFY PHONE STATE: to block calls and sms.

Last words from me:

Application is developed by a Swedish company and has recently been in news in India for owning around 1.6 Million users in India itself. The concern was raised regarding the security of the Phone numbers of people using it. Because application, as soon as it installs in the phone of a user, uploads the complete contact list to the TRUECALLER servers to make it available via the Giant Phonebook ! You can even find the same info on TRUECALLER website. So it may at least be a nice source for Telemarketers to get a list for some calls and annoy Users

Though, Alan Mamedi, COO and co-founder of app-maker True Software Scandinavia AB, says “Our engineers are experienced in this field and we have our own architecture”. But the concern is that Linkedin too was hacked very recently! So, none of the websites and databases can be said to be perfectly safe from Hackers!

Meanwhile my point is that, the App is true-fun but, If concerns are there…..don’t mind it buddy. Your name is already been in the list. 🙂

I found mine..My dad’s and even My Mom’s name there…! BINGO!

Are you facing “Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters” Error while unzipping ?


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Well I once myself came across this confusing issue once, while extracting a ‘ZIP’ file in my laptop. on extraction it said 

“Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters”.

Just FYI its basically a very interesting error that needs a layman explanation I would like you to know.

Basically a ZIP file is a compressed folder contents of which are suppressed as much as possible, keeping in mind the two Rules:

  • Space saving .
  • No data Loss while Unzipping it back to the normal.

So when we unzip a file, it primarily is stored somewhere in ‘Users’ folder ( let’s not go much in detail ), and then moves to the destination you have mentioned or a default destination of extraction. Softwares like Winrar (most commonly used) have set their location parameters not to exceed 260 characters in length. That means when the location distance exceeds more than the path specified, it shows error. Not to mention, zip file’s name-length also matters!

For example 123.zip is shorter name than ohmygodwhatalongnameitis.zip!

So, basically we can come over this error by using Window’s (XP/Vista/7/8) built in Zip software. Winzip in XP and Windows Explorer in further OS versions.

Simple Steps…

Step 1 (image below)

  • Select the ZIP file.
  • Go to Options Pane and select little arrow besideOPEN‘ option. Alternatively you can ‘Right Click’ and Select ‘Open with..’
  • And from the given choices select ‘Windows Explorer’.

Here are the screen shots I just took to elaborate it.

Image No one

Image no. 1

Step 2 (image below)

  • A new window opens just like any explorer window, showing the contents of the ZIP file, as a Folder.
  • Just Click>Drag the folder inside to location of your choice and Drop/Release.
  • Done!

Image no. 2

In this image, number 1 shows the explorer window, with folder name same as of the ZIP file if you notice. Number 2 is the Drag and number 3 is the extracted folder.

And Bingo! You are done!

I hope you Liked the Info. Any queries Please let me know!

This method might be a discreet one and may not help some people, but still is most accepted one!

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