Here comes ‘online yellow page’ for Indian mobile users too; TrueCaller.


Howdy friends!

You will really be amazed after reading this application suggestion for your Android and iOS devices. I may have been a bit late to know about this application but if you still haven’t downloaded this one, then this will be your application of the day.

Here is a Yellow page application TRUECALLER, actually a directory used worldwide for searching people by entering their phone numbers or name. Indian Mobile Mass can now benefit from it, which can give you the name of the Unknown number call.  And this application comes out handy in knowing about at least some information about the number if, that was one in your ‘annoying callers’ List. Moreover you can surprise your friends by telling the name of the person using that number!

Basically it is a White Pages, Yellow Pages and Phone number directory with around half a Billion phone number Worldwide as claimed by the Application makers.



Well the application works in a very simple manner(you may not like it). It searches the number uploaded by the application from users on TRUECALLER and provides you with a result. For your info, you may sometimes get a wrong name for a number or not a name at all. For example, you may get somebody’s name as ‘XYZ Uncle Delhi’ just because the person from whose contacts it has been updated must have saved it like that!


Facebook connect

Spam protection from message and calls both

Notification options

Ask a friend (on Facebook)

Permissions required:

DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS: to perform call from Truecaller.

RECEIVE SMS/READ SMS: : to search SMS senders.

FULL INTERNET ACCESS: to communicate with services from truecaller.

WRITE CONTACT DATA: to save contacts in the phonebook.

READ CONTACT DATA: to check if a number exists in the phonebook.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: to interact with calls.

INTERCEPT OUTGOING CALLS: to perform searches during outgoing.

DISABLE KEYLOCK: to display caller state.

VIEW NETWORK STATE: to check network connection.

MODIFY PHONE STATE: to block calls and sms.

Last words from me:

Application is developed by a Swedish company and has recently been in news in India for owning around 1.6 Million users in India itself. The concern was raised regarding the security of the Phone numbers of people using it. Because application, as soon as it installs in the phone of a user, uploads the complete contact list to the TRUECALLER servers to make it available via the Giant Phonebook ! You can even find the same info on TRUECALLER website. So it may at least be a nice source for Telemarketers to get a list for some calls and annoy Users

Though, Alan Mamedi, COO and co-founder of app-maker True Software Scandinavia AB, says “Our engineers are experienced in this field and we have our own architecture”. But the concern is that Linkedin too was hacked very recently! So, none of the websites and databases can be said to be perfectly safe from Hackers!

Meanwhile my point is that, the App is true-fun but, If concerns are there…..don’t mind it buddy. Your name is already been in the list. 🙂

I found mine..My dad’s and even My Mom’s name there…! BINGO!

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