WhatsApp on PC…..WOW!


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We are all so much addicted to WhatsApp already. Indeed an amazing chat application available on all the platforms. I would like you to know today, how can you make it run on your PC! Yes and also with this you can run various android apps on your PC..Laptop on Windows or Mac platform.

Things you will need: An Android Emulator for Windows/Mac platform, Internet & PC ( else it doesn’t works…lol )

We will be using Bluestacks App Player. This emulator is most famous one these days and works really really good. It is in the beta testing stage so may crash sometimes but, I have used it personally and still am using it. So far so good no crashed till date!

Here are some screen shots of the Emulator


bluestack Loading




Notification Bar

We will search the App we want to install in search bar, like Whatsapp here.


Installing Whatsapp


Google Playstore


Downloading App

Register Whatsapp with your information.


Registering On Whatsapp

Well it was not so tough to make it happen, isn’t it?

All you need is Bluestack and a mobile number (off-course you do).

Download it from here

any issues you can ask in the comment section here or check for resolved ones at Bluestacks’ own site.

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Here comes ‘online yellow page’ for Indian mobile users too; TrueCaller.


Howdy friends!

You will really be amazed after reading this application suggestion for your Android and iOS devices. I may have been a bit late to know about this application but if you still haven’t downloaded this one, then this will be your application of the day.

Here is a Yellow page application TRUECALLER, actually a directory used worldwide for searching people by entering their phone numbers or name. Indian Mobile Mass can now benefit from it, which can give you the name of the Unknown number call.  And this application comes out handy in knowing about at least some information about the number if, that was one in your ‘annoying callers’ List. Moreover you can surprise your friends by telling the name of the person using that number!

Basically it is a White Pages, Yellow Pages and Phone number directory with around half a Billion phone number Worldwide as claimed by the Application makers.



Well the application works in a very simple manner(you may not like it). It searches the number uploaded by the application from users on TRUECALLER and provides you with a result. For your info, you may sometimes get a wrong name for a number or not a name at all. For example, you may get somebody’s name as ‘XYZ Uncle Delhi’ just because the person from whose contacts it has been updated must have saved it like that!


Facebook connect

Spam protection from message and calls both

Notification options

Ask a friend (on Facebook)

Permissions required:

DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS: to perform call from Truecaller.

RECEIVE SMS/READ SMS: : to search SMS senders.

FULL INTERNET ACCESS: to communicate with services from truecaller.

WRITE CONTACT DATA: to save contacts in the phonebook.

READ CONTACT DATA: to check if a number exists in the phonebook.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: to interact with calls.

INTERCEPT OUTGOING CALLS: to perform searches during outgoing.

DISABLE KEYLOCK: to display caller state.

VIEW NETWORK STATE: to check network connection.

MODIFY PHONE STATE: to block calls and sms.

Last words from me:

Application is developed by a Swedish company and has recently been in news in India for owning around 1.6 Million users in India itself. The concern was raised regarding the security of the Phone numbers of people using it. Because application, as soon as it installs in the phone of a user, uploads the complete contact list to the TRUECALLER servers to make it available via the Giant Phonebook ! You can even find the same info on TRUECALLER website. So it may at least be a nice source for Telemarketers to get a list for some calls and annoy Users

Though, Alan Mamedi, COO and co-founder of app-maker True Software Scandinavia AB, says “Our engineers are experienced in this field and we have our own architecture”. But the concern is that Linkedin too was hacked very recently! So, none of the websites and databases can be said to be perfectly safe from Hackers!

Meanwhile my point is that, the App is true-fun but, If concerns are there…..don’t mind it buddy. Your name is already been in the list. 🙂

I found mine..My dad’s and even My Mom’s name there…! BINGO!

Are you facing “Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters” Error while unzipping ?


Howdy Friends!

Well I once myself came across this confusing issue once, while extracting a ‘ZIP’ file in my laptop. on extraction it said 

“Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters”.

Just FYI its basically a very interesting error that needs a layman explanation I would like you to know.

Basically a ZIP file is a compressed folder contents of which are suppressed as much as possible, keeping in mind the two Rules:

  • Space saving .
  • No data Loss while Unzipping it back to the normal.

So when we unzip a file, it primarily is stored somewhere in ‘Users’ folder ( let’s not go much in detail ), and then moves to the destination you have mentioned or a default destination of extraction. Softwares like Winrar (most commonly used) have set their location parameters not to exceed 260 characters in length. That means when the location distance exceeds more than the path specified, it shows error. Not to mention, zip file’s name-length also matters!

For example 123.zip is shorter name than ohmygodwhatalongnameitis.zip!

So, basically we can come over this error by using Window’s (XP/Vista/7/8) built in Zip software. Winzip in XP and Windows Explorer in further OS versions.

Simple Steps…

Step 1 (image below)

  • Select the ZIP file.
  • Go to Options Pane and select little arrow besideOPEN‘ option. Alternatively you can ‘Right Click’ and Select ‘Open with..’
  • And from the given choices select ‘Windows Explorer’.

Here are the screen shots I just took to elaborate it.

Image No one

Image no. 1

Step 2 (image below)

  • A new window opens just like any explorer window, showing the contents of the ZIP file, as a Folder.
  • Just Click>Drag the folder inside to location of your choice and Drop/Release.
  • Done!

Image no. 2

In this image, number 1 shows the explorer window, with folder name same as of the ZIP file if you notice. Number 2 is the Drag and number 3 is the extracted folder.

And Bingo! You are done!

I hope you Liked the Info. Any queries Please let me know!

This method might be a discreet one and may not help some people, but still is most accepted one!

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Ow little ‘Funny’ thing we missed !

McKayla Rose Maroney

McKayla Rose Maroney

Howdy Everyone !

Well this one is a bit funny post. One that perhaps, many of us did  just miss actually. And this is about a World wide Comedy thing that just happened. Let me introduce you to Miss McKayla Maroney first.

McKayla Rose Maroney is an American artistic gymnast. She was a member of the gold medal-winning US Women’s Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She is also the 2011 world vault champion and 2012 Olympic vault silver medalist.

After a flawless First attempt while performing in her Vault jump Finals at London Olympics on August 5 2012, she had an embarrassing tumble in the second attempt. That just cost her Gold Medal and had to pacify with a Silver Medal only!

But the comedy began when she stood making faces at the Medal distribution ceremony. The famous “Scornful Scowl” And that one picture just made the very public event into a hilarious new meme World wide!

Soon this info went viral via cartoons,  Blogs and tweets  all over the Media. There were many edited pictures and cartoons and infact her reaction became a symbol for ‘#dis-satisfaction’ over Social Media. Even she herself found it really interesting.

Here are some pictures that will make you laugh

original picture

original picture

An edited image

An edited image

Mc kayala with Obama

Mc kayala with Obama

cartoon from Peanuts cartoon series

cartoon from Peanuts cartoon series


Last one was pretty awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed and wondered when did that actually happen…ha ha ha..

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-Image sources : Google Search &  Free infographics submission

Google says “We Are The Web”!


Howdy everyone! New post comes here, Its about internet and certain happenings in the latest past.

Internet is not owned by governments and territories. Just like nature made few thing that don’t carry the Changeable attributes, Some thing have been made by Mankind, irrespective of the places they were Invented. An ‘Idea’ has always been the formula for major changes around the world and civilizations under discrete circumstances. And Internet being one of those inventions, belongs to all human race.

Certainly you can make Laws to stop Piracy and Spread knowledge about its harms and losses but you can never Force and Bar people from ‘Sharing’ that indeed, is the reason of internet be so popular today. There have been Major incidents last year that raised questions around the world about the integrity of Internet and its Freedom . Various organisations, social or private expressed their discontentment over a course of actions taken by certain nations, in their own ways. And in recent at the year end, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) brought some regulators from around the world to re-negotiate a decades-old communications treaty. And that was way too much to pretend like owners of the internet and not regulators!

Well Google never stays behind! In fact they have dedicated a separate Website for the purpose that people should know, I just came across this when one of my friends told me.

Google made a Tree of events in their Chronological Order.


So what is happening is that, Google responded with Vox Populi from around the world and provided them a medium to let the the governments of Certain countries know that they just can’t Censor Internet just like anything they do. It’s a medium and not a thing that, belongs to people…to you and to me.

Here is Google’s Website about this. You can say anything you want ( sparing foul language obviously, else they will catch you….LOL ). And moreover you can see on a World Map, what others have said.
Really Internet has made this World so small, so much in reach, so much spontaneous and so much social.

Do check it out like this:

Google take action

Hear Voices World Wide

Understand what is at Stake in Plain language.

Thanks for reading

(Courtesy to my friend Pravesh Kaushik)

And this Video, is as good as you watch it.

Ever came across a Downloader like this?


JDownloader Icon

Yeah well, this is the first post in this section, that actually is my favorite one.

I will be talking about those people who like their PCs and Laptops be on work all the time, even when they themselves actually are busy munching some potato chips or taking a nap. And if you like to suck every last bit of your Broadband’s Speed, then here is one more Download Software J Downlaoder. Yup I know a question that just hit your mind ‘Ah.. I know IDM is better at all costs’ , then I will double you on that unless you actually give this piece of code some try !

First things First, It’s Free! Yes It is Open Source.

JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers, that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It’s an easy-to-extend framework that can save hours of your valuable time every day!

Yes, guys it Auto extracts Archives. And the best thing is, you don’t have to manually set the passwords for extraction each time. It remembers all the Passwords you ever used to any file before!


Extraction Process


Password Selection

I used it, infact using it. It actually is Intelligent when it comes to selecting Links and categorizing them according to the FileHosting Service.

You can give it a good try. HERE

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Listen to this music guys.


I have been a fan of trance right before I didn’t even knew it actually being a Music Genre. And I still remember the time, back in semester 3 of my Graduation,  fall year 2008. It was DJ Tiesto then. I used to listen his tracks while playing NFS MW on my XPS M1530.

Ah that time, i still remember those late night Drifts and pink slips!

Back to topic now (I still love drifting you know).

I have been listening to this one series of trance music for a long time by now. It’s called A State Of Trance (ASOT) which just completed 592 episodes and 593rd was a best of 2012 trance tracks. Hosted by globally renouned Dj Armin Van Buuren, special and interesting thing about this series is that, each Thursday It plays LIVE World Wide !!!

While you read you can Listen to this track from Episode 550 

For more details you can go to http://www.astateoftrance.com/ and get to know the weekly schedule of next episode countrywise, details of past episodes and much more.
You can also get in tune with the podcasts and facebook.

Here is the list of Radio Stations that will ease your access.
Worldwide: Digitally Imported – Trance Channel
Andorra: Flaix FM – 93.8FM
Australia: Kiss FM 87.6FM (Melbourne), KIK FM 91.5 & 88FM (Darwin & Palmerston), Radio Metro 105.7FM (Gold Coast)
Belgium: TOPradio (check site for freq.)
Bulgaria: Alpha Radio
Brazil: Jovem Pan FM (many frequencies, all major cities), Energia 97,7 FM (São Paulo)
Canada: XM Radio Channel 82, Z103.5 (Toronto)
Cyprus: MixFM 102.3 FM
Czech Republic: DanceRadio.cz High quality stream 256 kbit OGG
Dubai: 105.4 Radio Spice (nationwide)
Egypt: Nile FM 104.2FM Cairo – Every Friday at 10 PM
Estonia: DFM 90.2FM Tallinn – Every Friday at 9 PM
France: Flaix FM 92.9 FM (Perpinyà)
Germany: Sunshine live (check website for freq. or for livestream)
Hungary: RiseFM 98.9 (also available as online radio)
India: Radio Indigo,(Goa/Bangalore); Radio Chennai Live 104.8FM (Chennai/Madras)
Italy: m2o (nationwide)
Lebanon: Mix FM 104.4FM (Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, Saida)
Jordan: Beat FM 102.5
Lithuania: Zip FM.
Luxembourg: WAKY 107FM (105.6 and 105.2 on Cable, nationwide)
Malta: 89.7 Bay – (English – Maltese)
Mexico: BEAT – 100.9FM
Middle East: WorldSpace Satellite Radio Channel 202
Netherlands: Radio 538 – 102FM (nationwide)
New Zealand: Pulzar Fm – 105.7 (Christchurch only)
Pakistan: RadioONE FM 91
Philippines: BigFish Radio (via Magic 89.9 & KillerBee stations nationwide)
Poland: Radio Eska (nationwide)
Portugal: Antena 3 Dance
Romania: VIBE FM (Romania) 92.1FM (Bucharest)
Serbia: TOP FM 106,8FM (Belgrade)
Spain: Flaix FM – all FM 105.7 (Barcelona), 99.6 (Girona), 104.1 (LLeida), 102.1 (Tarragona), 102.9 (Ebre), 105.9 (Vic), 105.9 (Manresa), 100.6 (Mallorca), 106.6 (Puigcerdà), 96.3 (Castelló)
Russia: Radio Record 106.3FM, NRJ – 104.2FM in Moscow
Singapore: Radio 91.3 91.3FM
Sri Lanka: Yes FM 89.5FM
Sweden: FUN RADIO 95.3 Malmö (southwest Scania)
Switzerland: One FM 107.0FM (Geneva), 107.2FM (Lausanne) (French side of Switzerland)
Syria: Mix FM Syria 105.7FM
Turkey: FG 93.7FM, power fm
Ukraine: Kiss FM, check the website
United Arab Emirates: 105.4 Radio Spice
United Kingdom: Kiss Network – Kiss 100, Kiss 101, Kiss 105-108 (also broadcast nationwide on DAB, Freeview, Sky & Virgin Media) and 102.5 The Bridge in The Black Country
United States: SiriusXM Satellite Radio Channel 52 – Electric Area

( Sorry I am not giving links to all stations, figure that out on Google)

You can also purchase the recorded versions. File quality ranges from 192 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s (source file), however, 192 kbit/s is the most common due to the wide (and free) availability of 192 kbit/s source streams as well as the relatively small file size (~180 mb per episode).

Its a long way ASOT has come since first aired in around september 2001…yes 2001 it is ! You can get the full episode info here. Next episode #594 is on AIR right now when I am listening and publishing this Post.

Awesome it is !

And AVB has a pretty awesome surprise for people from India. Episode 600 will be live from Mumbai, INDIA on Saturday March 16th 2013.

You can Book your tickets right from here 

(So, if you like listening to trance music that speaks a lot about you as I Go-ogled a query people who listen to trance and came across many awesome replies. You can find it too)