Meet Sphero, an Amazing gaming gadget.


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I was blown away when I saw this awesome gadget for gaming-gadget lovers. It’s a round ball with a robot inside that you can control from your Android/iOs based mobile phone. And just imagine whatnot can you do with it.

You can use it for Games Party, A smart Pet toy, you can build apps for it (if have developer guts), it can swim, play multiplayer, make it run around your house….and many more things with just one robotics ball.

As the maker’s say:

Sphero is a completely new type of gaming system. It’s the world’s first robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can drive Sphero, play tabletop and multiplayer games, hold Sphero in your hand to use it as a controller for on-screen gameplay, learn basic programming, and even explore augmented reality.

You will get to understand more if you just have a look at it’s videos!

Intoduction Video

A public show video

Obama Playing a Sphero

Priced at $99.99 you get around 20 applications for free with Sphero.

You can watch more at vimeo here or the official website of the awesome ball here

Its really lovely indeed.

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Is Whatsapp stealing your private information: report

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Concerns for the private information of internet users have always been in question from time to time. At some point a company was in question and at other points some application. Most recently, Facebook was under the radar for using the private information and selling it to AD companies. Well its not hard to imagine or too much surprising thing even if we imagine them doing this. A user sitting on the internet most of the time is unaware about his whereabouts being stolen by as little thing as a web script!

Whatsapp is a famous internet based mobile messaging application. It is more famous because of being a cross platform application. recently it has been in questions raised by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) and the Dutch Data Protection Authority, stating that the App violated the laws because users have to provide access to all phone numbers in their address book, including both users and non-users of the app.

“This lack of choice contravenes (Canadian and Dutch) privacy law. Both users and non-users should have control over their personal data and users must be able to freely decide what contact details they wish to share with WhatsApp,”

said Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

More interestingly the investigations revealed that Whatsapp retained the numbers of the Users that absolutely violates the laws!

Though in September 2012 Whatsapp introduced message encryption due to raised concerns at that time, but Dutch authorities have given a final warning and said it would continue to monitor WhatsApp and could impose penalties if privacy continued.


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