Install Nokia Z Launcher on ROOTED devices – [GUIDE]

The Z launcher

Howdy Friends!


Yup I totally get it, you are a GEEK probably a NOKIA fan as well and have a ROOTED Android device .  So, Nokia has just launched Z launcher. And as people are saying its not that bad either! But the catch for ROOTED users is that, after installation it ends up saying

Sorry we are currently not supporting ROOTED devices.



Here is the solution for what you are seeking… how to install Nokia Z launcher on rooted devices?

Don’t worry guys, no beating head into the wall. After 15 minutes Z launcher will be  on your device!


Things we need:

1. Xposed Module Installed.

2. A cup of Coffee.

3. And a couch…Relax!


I assume though, that you possess a Rooted Device, off-course that’s why you are here!.

I also assume that you are using Xposed frameworks. Just in case you are not aware, here is the APK

Xposed Installer–DOWNLOAD




  • Install the Nokia Z launcher apk. And then the Xposed Installer (If you have not installed it yet!)
  • Now as we proceed, after Installation go inside Application and Hit ‘Install/Update option.



Files will be copied and Xposed framework in now installed on your device.

  • Now REBOOT your device.

After device is back from a nap(rebooted ), go to ‘Modules’. And find a module name ‘RootCloak’ and Install it.



RootCloak is the modules to hide the device’s info that ‘it is rooted‘ from the apps that do not allow rooted devices. Just like Harry Potter and Invisibility Cloak, its hides your identity!

  • Now reboot device again. (Most modules require a reboot for install/uninstall).

After reboot, go to RootCloak, and click on ‘+’ symbol to add an Application from the installed applications, from which you want to hide the root information. Select Z launcher‘.





Voila!!  You got it..yes you did it!

Now enjoy your coffee on the couch while exploring The Nokia Z launcher!


Some Screenshots from The Nokia Z launcher are here. (wallpaper not included e105 )












Please post any questions for help.

Credits: My ultimate Geek and an Android Developer Friend +Amit Chaudhary.

Thanks for reading!