Traffline: Your personal traffic alerts assistant. [REVIEW]

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Heya Guys!

Everyday we travel, from home to the office, market, gym or vice-versa. All this while we face a major obstacle that we unwillingly fall a prey to; Traffic! Indian cities where people ignore traffic rules, like it’s the missing fundamental right in the constitution of the nation, we direly need an assistant to save us from the fury of the ever ending traffic jams. Is there any such app or service available, that is wholeheartedly dedicated to only one thing; giving alerts about traffic in the city?

The answer is, Yes!

Traffline is  one such application, designed specially to cater to the needs of people seeking quick and real time updates about the traffic conditions city-wide.

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Recommended by a friend, I have been using Traffline for almost 2.5 months now. And I was so astonished by the purpose of this application, that I decided to write a REVIEW for this. So that more and more people can avail the ease it provides, while you are in-transit.

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Signing up or Login is pretty easy, You can use email or use any of the given Social media services to Sign-up/Login.

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Find the quickest route.

This app features a default landing screen displaying controls to find the quickest route. To start finding route, its pretty simple. Enter current and destination location in the fields and hit search. Then search results screen appears where, routes to choose from appear as cards, displaying the ETA and traffic information.

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Next screen is pretty much what Google-Maps looks like and, when you choose any route you get the Map view with colored overlays drawn all over the city roads!  Yes, those are the traffic volume indicators! A scale ranging from Red to Green measures the severity of traffic in that region.

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News Feed

News feed actually an amazing section of this whole application that completely shatters the initial opinion about the app, if made; Traffline is like Google maps! Here users get complete liberty to share the live traffic updates (Bye Bye FM channel traffic alerts..). The team also keeps a watch of traffic updates and notifies user via twitter feed ( Thank you so much) and also rekindles the spirit of being a responsible rider/driver by sharing inspiring feeds about road safety/rules, time to time.

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As you also get to share the posts in the feed timeline, while posting an update you can set the mood, select the relevant sticker and upload pictures as well! Niche, I must say!

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The Blog

Team Traffline also have a news section where the latest news about the traffic world are updated frequently.

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Account Settings

Personalization is something that has still not been overlooked, you can update your social profile as well. Change password and chose your landing screen. Also can you opt out of push notifications that appear few times a day.

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Come and Get Me

This feature although is already in WhatsApp but having it here actually gives it a real purpose. You can share your location to your loved ones via SMS,WhatsApp and Google+, on click of a button.

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The most illuminating feature of the app I realized is, updates of important events/accidents and detouring alert by the medium of notifications. And for user’s ease, those notifications arrive either once or twice a day, some days even none. So, naturally not disturbing the user with piles of notifications like most apps.

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From UI perspective, this app nicely exhibits the Android design guidelines, that makes it look even more niche in design. User’s interaction has been very well taken care of, and transition from one screen to the other are really smooth.

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Video Review




Every app has some Pros and cons. I will lay them out briefly.


  • Displays route guidance pretty nicely.
  • Color overlays are well laid down over map, and are available in free-to-look mode, unlike GoogleMaps.
  • Updates from real people in real time.
  • Posting a feed is well ornamented with relevant stickers and emoticons.
  • Location sharing via multiple modes of communication is a nice add-on.


  • Need for feed filtering, certain posts contain tangential shared media.
  • Yellow color was a turn off (personal opinion previously used to be green)
  • Couldn’t synchronize favorites on different devices.


I will undoubtedly flash a score of 8.5 stars. It has a specific purpose and is an amalgamation of various features scattered across different applications, fused in one single application.



Overall this application deserves a place in the list of relevant apps installed on your phone. It has specifically been designed keeping in mind the Indian subcontinent and its users. Most amazing part that I love is that Map view is also a free to look version with all the traffic info available as overlays all the time, that Google Map fails to show. I will quote Traffline as a Social Media of people in-transit. Since, it’s not just an intelligent server giving you updates but a network of real people; sharing, updating, and liking the relevant information. It is a must have application for those who love to be smart, at least while bending the great Indian traffic to it’s toes.

You can download Traffline HERE.

Thanks for reading the review. I hope you like it.