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Not much about me. I just have been wasting a lot of time for last 5 years over the internet. Not actually wasting but, despite being an avid writer I have never cared to start a blog in full.

I came to give a hand-on to my writing skills in the shape of this blog as a New Year Resolution in 2013. I am writing about what I feel is totally Informative and of use to people sharing my taste.I provide here the links and descriptions of things I come across and and fascinate me, while surfing the internet or from elsewhere.

Despite a lot of efforts to be regular I couldn’t scribble here in full. But I won’t give up.

By profile I am an Android Developer. Currently working in Tarento Technologies tarento-logo

I love Digital Art (Photoshop) and Music (Trance and Romantic).

I watch TV series of Drama and Science Fiction as Genre. Same in movies with Romance as addition.

Besides, I am a Tech-Enthusiast (Hardcore Geek).

Sudhanshu Singh

(Love is invincible)

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