How Rediff Shopping Duped me !


After a lot of confusion and discussions with my best friend Amit, whether to buy this costly giant phone or not, we both finally ordered a Nexus 6 each in November 2014. It really is exciting to pre-order a gadget if you are a geek and such an inexplicable feeling. While waiting for the delivery of Nexus 6 by Flipkart, I ordered a Screen guard, a back cover. Phone is huge, so will the needed power backup be, I thought. And decided to buy a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank with whopping 10400 mAh of the charge storage.

#GOSF2014 started here in India, 10th-12th December and I was burning my eyes on laptop at night, searching a deal on Mi power bank. Finally, I found a great deal on Rediff Shopping. While the Original Price was Rs 999 else where, it was Rs 899 on Flipkart but Rediff was offering Rs 719 Handling charges Rs 88 and total Rs 817, not bad I thought. After verifying the specifications from the description provided under the image, I was sure I have cracked the deal, I ordered the silver one.

Rs 817…Wow!! Felt quite lucky and thanked Google for a Shopping Festival for India!

I was in a meeting while i received an anonymous call (yeah I was really waiting for my Nexus 6 getting delivered which, was delayed due to unknown reasons.), I took a break, rushed through the stairs to the reception. I was utmost happy and gushed with adrenaline as I wanted to hold it in my hand.

“817 sir”  said the delivery guy.

“what..?” nonplussed I exclaimed.

“Sir 817 for your package” he muttered, probably in surprise if I was the right guy.

But within few miliseconds I realized I ordered something else few days back, A power bank. Damn!!

I thought it was the phone.

Anyways as I opened the packaging after the meeting, I was turned down by the Black color of the product while I ordered a Silver one! But okay, they mentioned “subject to availability” while ordering.

I tested it for few hours, it ran fine. But somewhere I was not happy with the type of packaging it was shipped in.

The third day i realized that the amount of charge it was giving to my Samsung Tab was not correct. In the meantime My Roommate also ordered one and got his delivered via Flipkart. I saw his Mi Powerbank with same specifications I was shocked! To my utter dismay, I was duped and cheated by Rediff Shopping! The one delivered to me was completely fake although both looked strikingly similar.

Here are the comparison pictures of the two.

 The pictures










Rediff’s Response.

In response to my complaints to Rediff Shopping, I received the following mail.

Dear Sudhanshu,

Greetings from

We would like to inform you that as per our Return / Refund / Replacement policy, we are unable to entertain your query since the same has reached us after the 48 hours of the product being delivered.

You can visit a rediff shop & gift return policy link for further details.

Assure you of prompt and courteous response on all your visits to

Warm regards,
Customer support

And as usual nothing happened!

48 hours of refund period, are you insane ? Every other Shopping site gives minimum 7days to 15days of replacement guarantee. See Flipkart’s 30 days on same product.


I mailed that reseller “Gadget Kingdom Online”, no reply came. I called the phone number and it says this number is not in service!!

I ask these questions from Rediff Shopping.

  • How does Rediff verify it’s re-sellers if they do not reply via emails and phones are dead?
  • Why is only 2 day replacement duration given while they themselves take 3 days to reply?
  • Why Rediff has no customer care calling number for a quick response ?

It clearly suggests that Rediff Shopping is a part of this Scam and somehow they are surely abetting this crime and getting some profits from these fake transactions.

List of re-sellers on Rediff Shopping with Fake product.

See these pictures of listed re-sellers on Rediff selling Xiaomi Mi Powerbank. How can they be so cheap ?

Simple…they are all fake, unverified and partnered with Rediff Shopping.

Dated jan 2 2014 red2 Dated jan 2 2014 red4

Request to Xiaomi.

Fake products are always sold throughout the world. There is nothing original brands can do about this. But one action, I understand brands do and should take is to at least keep a track of such activities. Shopping giants like Rediff Shopping are breeding these scams under their cloak.

Usually these fake sellers are limited to a specific sections of a town or a city but imagine their reach if they reach to public via Online shopping giants and their cloak of genuinity ?


I request Xiaomi to take some action on behalf of people who believe in your brand. Your action may stop other such practices. If Rediff has somehow registered these re-sellers, it means they might have track of there whereabouts and physical locations.

To whoever reading this post.

I request you all to please share this post and show Rediff in face that these practices can not continue much longer.

For me it’s not about the item but, The Trust that we keep in these remotely stated online junk stores, while we relax on the couch and watch our favorite TV shows.

For me it’s not about the highlight but to highlight the scams which are happening under cloak of “Assurances and Genuinity”

Please Re-Share my tweet if you can.

Thanks for reading!

Lamborghini Veneno: It’s Lamborghini’s 50th Birthday gift !


Howdy Friends!

First post about cars, and to start with it’s  50th birthday Bash of the famous Lamborghini Auto-giant. May 2013 came as a 50th year of innovation into super-speed and supreme-designs of Lamborghini family.  As a birthday surprise to the world, company presented new Lamborghini Veneno in Geneva motorshow. Veneno is only available in 3 numbers plus one demonstration car and top speed is somewhere near 220 mph !  Priced at $4,000,000, Veneno is named after “one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls ever” as Lamborghini informed—presents the perfect way to celebrate.


Here is the look…



lambi veneno (5)

lambi veneno (1)

lambi veneno (2)

lambi veneno (3)


image00016 image00022

lambi veneno (4)



The fissured skin of the Veneno hides the Aventador’s carbon-fiber monocoque, plus aluminum front and rear subframes. A pushrod suspension with horizontal spring-damper units betrays its racing aspirations. The interior is largely carried over from the Aventador and is clad in carbon fiber. The Veneno is fitted with Pirelli P Zero tires on 20-inch wheels up front and 22-inch wheels in the rear. Center-locking hubs allow for quicker changes—and they look great.

Vehicle Specs
Base Price $3.9 million
Engine 6.5-liter V12
Horsepower 740 hp
Torque N/A
Transmission Seven-speed semi-automatic ISR Transmission
0–60 mph 2.8 seconds
Top Speed ~220mph
Weight N/A
Length N/A
Tires N/A
FOR Lots of carbon fiber= Very light car
AGAINST Extreme styling is unappealing to many, Ferrari LaFerrari is more powerful and cheaper

The new look of aventador as veneno is pretty much sophisticated but gazing the picture itself send the chills down the spine, Isn’t it ?

Thanks for reading!

Credits: Caranddriver

Minions with Styles: Collection of all Super-Minion Poses.

Howdy friends!

If you are a fan of cute little Minions (a character from the cartoon movie Despicable Me), then this is gonna get a bit more eye-candy for you. Because, with this post I have just brought to you, almost all the Minions posed as actual Superpower heroes or stars from Hollywood a.k.a The SuperMinion Series. All of them in one place!

Yesterday I was on WhatsApp Messenger when my Tab beeped with regular notification sound

.altair shared an image

He’s my friend Amit Chaudhary (I have named his contact in my list, after the Assasin’s creed character Altair), as I checked it I couldn’t stop myself laughing madly and then one more followed till I actually got obsessed with those little super hero characters. So i came up with an Idea of collecting all and presenting them on one place. Many fans like Me, may not even have heard of them having superpowers or posing as Stars! (funny). And while searching I actually found the ones posed as some Singers and hollywood stars, also some famous TV series posters.

So here’s a Mega Super Minion Collection.

Please wait while they load….loading_transparent


Aang – Avatar: The Last Airbender


Agent 47 – Hitman


Assassin’s Creed

assasins creed





Batman & Joker – The Dark Knight

dark knight



Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story




Captain America

captain america



Darth Maul – Star Wars

star wars

Darth Vader – Star Wars

star wars darth vader

Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange


Finn – Adventure Time






Jedi-Star wars

star wars jedi

Kratos – God of War




Link – The Legend of Zelda


Mario & Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

Mario bros





Men in Black


Iron Man






Edward Scissorhands


Shaun of the Dead




The Simpsons


Sloth – Goonies


Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean




SpiderMan and Evil


Spongebob & Patrick – Spongebob Squarepants


Star Trek Mirror Universe


Stormtrooper – Star Wars

starwars stormtrooper

Street Fighter


The Terminator


Totoro – My Neighbor Totoro


Vegeta – Dragonball Z




Wolverine Angry

wolverine angry

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria








Superman-Man of Steel

Superman-Minion of steel



Harry Potter

harry potter





Minions as real life stars and from Hollywood movies and TV series.

Justin Bieber

justin timberlake

Selena Gomez

selena gomez

Nicki Minaz

nicki minaz

Daft Punk

daft punk

Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake1




Zach galifianakis


Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Cameroon Diaz

cameroon Diaz

Lady Gaga

lady gaga

Daddy Yankee

daddy yankee





Jennifer Lopez


Bruno Mars

Bruno mars





Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Backstreet Boys






Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson



Marilyn Monroe


Michael Jackson


Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Indiana Jones

 minion jones



Kaiju & Jaeger – Pacific Rim


Max – Elysium


Big Bang Theory- Sheldon

Big Bang Theory

Lone ranger

line ranger

Mr. Beans

Mr beans



I am damn sure you must have liked each one of them. Some were so-so but others were really fantastic creations of those who did.

Thanks for reading!

Credits—-Hyperlinked to respective blogs and websites where real pictures exist.

Thanks to Kuljeet Bhambra for providing me most of the links.

Can’t kill your time alone? Want to do something creative?



Howdy friends!

Here I am again with a new interesting suggestion for you on ‘How can you pass time while Alone?’ Well may sound a bit out of taste but, despite of all those things you must be thinking of you do ( those naughty ones I mean..), it’s not one of those. May be you are having better ideas of spending your free time then I have but, just take a look around on this website where you can do some really interesting science stuff at home, read about some quick facts, get some lovely quotes and even find some hobbies to develop for yourself if, you don’t have one. It’s Buzzle.


This site also has a section where, they have clearly sectioned all the types of hobbies such as Arts, Dance, Collectibles, Kid Arts and much more information just to let you choose what are you good at and give you an idea which is more feasible for you according to your lifestyle. Infact kids would find it more useful hotspot for information.





From your daily lives to incredibly amazing things, even the philosophical stuff, you’ll surely wonder what isn’t there on Buzzle that you would love to know!

I just love going to this web site in spare time I hope you find it wonderfully well for your spare time too. Let’s make each moment worth.

Thanks for Reading!

Music like that? Trust me you may get ‘Addicted’.


Howdy friends!

Now this one I would call something phenomenal! Recently I was just ‘Youtub-ing’ ( I hardly ever do) random videos and some acapella version of various songs, Linkin park specially. I came across this most amzingly-unbelievably-incredibly-Talented singer who, not only makes sounds of various instruments with his mouth but, records completely already famous songs!
his Name…find it yourself out!

Well we use a term ‘beatboxing’ for this activity. As its definition, it is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

And trust me you will love him too, once you watch these videos below and then say if  i really was right to get amazed!


video 2

Since you would so much want to know how he does it…

Oh you would love music like that trust me!

For more fun find more videos of his on Youtube and find him here.

By the way best thing I like about him besides ‘what he does’ is, Typography he uses to write his name in style.

Oh Geez, ‘Typography’ is ‘Font’ dude!

Thanks for Reading

Ow little ‘Funny’ thing we missed !

McKayla Rose Maroney

McKayla Rose Maroney

Howdy Everyone !

Well this one is a bit funny post. One that perhaps, many of us did  just miss actually. And this is about a World wide Comedy thing that just happened. Let me introduce you to Miss McKayla Maroney first.

McKayla Rose Maroney is an American artistic gymnast. She was a member of the gold medal-winning US Women’s Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She is also the 2011 world vault champion and 2012 Olympic vault silver medalist.

After a flawless First attempt while performing in her Vault jump Finals at London Olympics on August 5 2012, she had an embarrassing tumble in the second attempt. That just cost her Gold Medal and had to pacify with a Silver Medal only!

But the comedy began when she stood making faces at the Medal distribution ceremony. The famous “Scornful Scowl” And that one picture just made the very public event into a hilarious new meme World wide!

Soon this info went viral via cartoons,  Blogs and tweets  all over the Media. There were many edited pictures and cartoons and infact her reaction became a symbol for ‘#dis-satisfaction’ over Social Media. Even she herself found it really interesting.

Here are some pictures that will make you laugh

original picture

original picture

An edited image

An edited image

Mc kayala with Obama

Mc kayala with Obama

cartoon from Peanuts cartoon series

cartoon from Peanuts cartoon series


Last one was pretty awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed and wondered when did that actually happen…ha ha ha..

Thanks For Reading!


-Image sources : Google Search &  Free infographics submission

Listen to this music guys.


I have been a fan of trance right before I didn’t even knew it actually being a Music Genre. And I still remember the time, back in semester 3 of my Graduation,  fall year 2008. It was DJ Tiesto then. I used to listen his tracks while playing NFS MW on my XPS M1530.

Ah that time, i still remember those late night Drifts and pink slips!

Back to topic now (I still love drifting you know).

I have been listening to this one series of trance music for a long time by now. It’s called A State Of Trance (ASOT) which just completed 592 episodes and 593rd was a best of 2012 trance tracks. Hosted by globally renouned Dj Armin Van Buuren, special and interesting thing about this series is that, each Thursday It plays LIVE World Wide !!!

While you read you can Listen to this track from Episode 550 

For more details you can go to and get to know the weekly schedule of next episode countrywise, details of past episodes and much more.
You can also get in tune with the podcasts and facebook.

Here is the list of Radio Stations that will ease your access.
Worldwide: Digitally Imported – Trance Channel
Andorra: Flaix FM – 93.8FM
Australia: Kiss FM 87.6FM (Melbourne), KIK FM 91.5 & 88FM (Darwin & Palmerston), Radio Metro 105.7FM (Gold Coast)
Belgium: TOPradio (check site for freq.)
Bulgaria: Alpha Radio
Brazil: Jovem Pan FM (many frequencies, all major cities), Energia 97,7 FM (São Paulo)
Canada: XM Radio Channel 82, Z103.5 (Toronto)
Cyprus: MixFM 102.3 FM
Czech Republic: High quality stream 256 kbit OGG
Dubai: 105.4 Radio Spice (nationwide)
Egypt: Nile FM 104.2FM Cairo – Every Friday at 10 PM
Estonia: DFM 90.2FM Tallinn – Every Friday at 9 PM
France: Flaix FM 92.9 FM (Perpinyà)
Germany: Sunshine live (check website for freq. or for livestream)
Hungary: RiseFM 98.9 (also available as online radio)
India: Radio Indigo,(Goa/Bangalore); Radio Chennai Live 104.8FM (Chennai/Madras)
Italy: m2o (nationwide)
Lebanon: Mix FM 104.4FM (Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the North, Saida)
Jordan: Beat FM 102.5
Lithuania: Zip FM.
Luxembourg: WAKY 107FM (105.6 and 105.2 on Cable, nationwide)
Malta: 89.7 Bay – (English – Maltese)
Mexico: BEAT – 100.9FM
Middle East: WorldSpace Satellite Radio Channel 202
Netherlands: Radio 538 – 102FM (nationwide)
New Zealand: Pulzar Fm – 105.7 (Christchurch only)
Pakistan: RadioONE FM 91
Philippines: BigFish Radio (via Magic 89.9 & KillerBee stations nationwide)
Poland: Radio Eska (nationwide)
Portugal: Antena 3 Dance
Romania: VIBE FM (Romania) 92.1FM (Bucharest)
Serbia: TOP FM 106,8FM (Belgrade)
Spain: Flaix FM – all FM 105.7 (Barcelona), 99.6 (Girona), 104.1 (LLeida), 102.1 (Tarragona), 102.9 (Ebre), 105.9 (Vic), 105.9 (Manresa), 100.6 (Mallorca), 106.6 (Puigcerdà), 96.3 (Castelló)
Russia: Radio Record 106.3FM, NRJ – 104.2FM in Moscow
Singapore: Radio 91.3 91.3FM
Sri Lanka: Yes FM 89.5FM
Sweden: FUN RADIO 95.3 Malmö (southwest Scania)
Switzerland: One FM 107.0FM (Geneva), 107.2FM (Lausanne) (French side of Switzerland)
Syria: Mix FM Syria 105.7FM
Turkey: FG 93.7FM, power fm
Ukraine: Kiss FM, check the website
United Arab Emirates: 105.4 Radio Spice
United Kingdom: Kiss Network – Kiss 100, Kiss 101, Kiss 105-108 (also broadcast nationwide on DAB, Freeview, Sky & Virgin Media) and 102.5 The Bridge in The Black Country
United States: SiriusXM Satellite Radio Channel 52 – Electric Area

( Sorry I am not giving links to all stations, figure that out on Google)

You can also purchase the recorded versions. File quality ranges from 192 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s (source file), however, 192 kbit/s is the most common due to the wide (and free) availability of 192 kbit/s source streams as well as the relatively small file size (~180 mb per episode).

Its a long way ASOT has come since first aired in around september 2001…yes 2001 it is ! You can get the full episode info here. Next episode #594 is on AIR right now when I am listening and publishing this Post.

Awesome it is !

And AVB has a pretty awesome surprise for people from India. Episode 600 will be live from Mumbai, INDIA on Saturday March 16th 2013.

You can Book your tickets right from here 

(So, if you like listening to trance music that speaks a lot about you as I Go-ogled a query people who listen to trance and came across many awesome replies. You can find it too)