Is Whatsapp stealing your private information: report

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Concerns for the private information of internet users have always been in question from time to time. At some point a company was in question and at other points some application. Most recently, Facebook was under the radar for using the private information and selling it to AD companies. Well its not hard to imagine or too much surprising thing even if we imagine them doing this. A user sitting on the internet most of the time is unaware about his whereabouts being stolen by as little thing as a web script!

Whatsapp is a famous internet based mobile messaging application. It is more famous because of being a cross platform application. recently it has been in questions raised by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) and the Dutch Data Protection Authority, stating that the App violated the laws because users have to provide access to all phone numbers in their address book, including both users and non-users of the app.

“This lack of choice contravenes (Canadian and Dutch) privacy law. Both users and non-users should have control over their personal data and users must be able to freely decide what contact details they wish to share with WhatsApp,”

said Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

More interestingly the investigations revealed that Whatsapp retained the numbers of the Users that absolutely violates the laws!

Though in September 2012 Whatsapp introduced message encryption due to raised concerns at that time, but Dutch authorities have given a final warning and said it would continue to monitor WhatsApp and could impose penalties if privacy continued.


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‘’ is down??


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Hi this is a real quick update as son as I came to know about it. Well just today on 27th off course, the famous torrent site KickAss Torrent’s web address has not been working, possibly because the domain name expired.

Its  a matter of concern for extreme internet users, off course it is we all know.

Screen shots seem like this




So here is the final update, try and VOILA, it worked!

Ah, second most used torrent site just seemed to have been taken away. My heart too was beating fast as it repeatedly gave an error since morning!

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The famous Torrent Site ‘Pirate Bay’ soon to release a documentary.


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World famous Torrent website The Pirate Bay a.k.a. TPB- is soon releasing a documentary exploring the people behind notorious torrent site. Movie is named as TPB-AFK, Torrent Pirate Bay-Away From Keyboard.

The project of started two years ago and part-funded on Kickstarter, but production was barred by Supreme Court of Sweden.

Finally the movie has a release date and to a greater surprise will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD  simultaneously with its display on Berlin’s International Film Festival called Berlinale on February 8th 2013.

In the words of  Director Simon Klose

By sharing this film under a Creative Commons license, we hope to contribute to a serious debate about the social and economic benefits of sharing. We also hope to prove that sharing can be a realistic business model.

The Official Trailer

Lets see what revelations are to be made by this most awaited documentary. What efforts have their team made to make international authorities realize positives about Sharing.

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‘MEGA’ is the new word for ‘Megaupload !

mega1 mega4

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There had been a lot in the  world of internet in the year 2012. From Censor to Lawsuits, it has always been a matter of global discussions and in certain cases, criticism. Once such story, we may all know about is about the seizure of the ile sharing website MEGAUPLOAD in early 2012. But it is Back, with certain changes this while.

Well, Kim Dotcom, the owner of MEGUPLOAD, was for long in the hit list of US government for his service Mega Upload being accused of copyright infringement by the US claiming to cost the entertainment industry $500M through pirated content. He is fighting the attempt to extradite Kim Dotcom to the US.


Mega has a complete makeover this time. A dedicated file server with special options for people with developer profiles. A separate management for mobile users and support for spreadsheets and google docs!

Here is the new look of the all new MEGA, the cloud sharing website in its Beta phase.



Users menu


Well, there are future enhancements posted by MEGA team as follows:

Developer documentation enhancements:

  • Properly reformat and comment the JavaScript reference implementation so that it becomes more readable
  • Add missing command-specific documentation to the API reference

File transfer queue enhancements:

  • Vertical resizing
  • Drag & Drop to modify transfer sequence
  • Multiselect
  • Clicking on a pending transfer navigates to/marks the source file or the target folder
  • Stop/continue buttons

File manager enhancements:

  • Re-implement from scratch without underlying third-party UI framework for better performance
  • Adaptively eliminate the leftmost file path buttons at the top to maintain visibility of the upload and search buttons (we have a hack in place for this, but it only works in Chrome)
  • “Properties” option in the file context menu

Collaboration feature enhancements:

  • MEGA user-to-user messaging with file attachments, plus external RFC 4880/OpenPGP and S/MIME gateway for secure off-site e-mail communication
  • MEGA user-to-user instant messaging
  • Exported link enhancements
  • Allow for the creation of folder links (with associated crypto key) which then display the folder content live
  • Secure unauthenticated delivery web widget
  • Allow unauthenticated users to securely deliver files to MEGA users’ inboxes, e.g. to submit very large files to print shops

Filesystem enhancements:

  • Activate storing all block MACs on the server (encrypted) after an upload to allow for integrity-checked partial reading. Right now, the file has to be downloaded fully to be checked.
  • Enable forking encrypted time-stamped delta file support to allow for random writing to existing files with full rollback capability

SDK enhancements

  • Complete the API documentation
  • Provide client libraries in various languages

Client applications

  • A Windows filesystem mount is currently in beta and will be available shortly
  • Linux/MacOS X filesystem mounts
  • Mobile access
  • Sync tools for all major platforms

Integrated on-site applications

  • Calendar
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet

MEGA as a local “appliance”

  • Load a third-party audited version of the MEGA JavaScript files from a machine that you control
  • Be immune against new bugs of any kind

You can Check thew all new MEGA here.

Just remember, the website is in BETA phase and there is some time delay in opening due to visitor load. Indeed everyone want to attend the most famous File sharing giant’s Homecoming!

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Search anything instantly from a specific-website directly from ‘Address Bar’ in Chrome!


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Well this is realy interesting and short post, telling you how to search a specific-website related query, directly from a EMPTY NEW TAB in Google Chrome Browser. This is not at all a trick or any geek thing. Infact, it is a feature in Google chrome browser that most of us may have just missed or never cared about!

Here you go…
For example you have to make a search directly to IMDB, we wil proceed like this.
Just click in address/search bar and Type followed by a Space bar stroke. ( Or press TAB button).

Images here



Actually Chrome uses a smart step of adding the Search providers in memory, if you have used the SEARCH button on any website even once. Like these in my Chrome Settings.


SO next time…search a quickie like a finger’s click!

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Google says “We Are The Web”!


Howdy everyone! New post comes here, Its about internet and certain happenings in the latest past.

Internet is not owned by governments and territories. Just like nature made few thing that don’t carry the Changeable attributes, Some thing have been made by Mankind, irrespective of the places they were Invented. An ‘Idea’ has always been the formula for major changes around the world and civilizations under discrete circumstances. And Internet being one of those inventions, belongs to all human race.

Certainly you can make Laws to stop Piracy and Spread knowledge about its harms and losses but you can never Force and Bar people from ‘Sharing’ that indeed, is the reason of internet be so popular today. There have been Major incidents last year that raised questions around the world about the integrity of Internet and its Freedom . Various organisations, social or private expressed their discontentment over a course of actions taken by certain nations, in their own ways. And in recent at the year end, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) brought some regulators from around the world to re-negotiate a decades-old communications treaty. And that was way too much to pretend like owners of the internet and not regulators!

Well Google never stays behind! In fact they have dedicated a separate Website for the purpose that people should know, I just came across this when one of my friends told me.

Google made a Tree of events in their Chronological Order.


So what is happening is that, Google responded with Vox Populi from around the world and provided them a medium to let the the governments of Certain countries know that they just can’t Censor Internet just like anything they do. It’s a medium and not a thing that, belongs to people…to you and to me.

Here is Google’s Website about this. You can say anything you want ( sparing foul language obviously, else they will catch you….LOL ). And moreover you can see on a World Map, what others have said.
Really Internet has made this World so small, so much in reach, so much spontaneous and so much social.

Do check it out like this:

Google take action

Hear Voices World Wide

Understand what is at Stake in Plain language.

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(Courtesy to my friend Pravesh Kaushik)

And this Video, is as good as you watch it.