Nexus 6 has arrived! Let’s watch all the Android Lollipop related Videos here.

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It’s just a quick post displaying all the Videos related to Nexus and release of the Google’s upcoming Mobile OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop. So Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and the surprising Android Tv Box are now real!

I suspect some you might have missed a few of them, I jotted all down here.


So here is the message finally from Google–

Be together Not the same.


Install Nokia Z Launcher on ROOTED devices – [GUIDE]

The Z launcher

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Yup I totally get it, you are a GEEK probably a NOKIA fan as well and have a ROOTED Android device .  So, Nokia has just launched Z launcher. And as people are saying its not that bad either! But the catch for ROOTED users is that, after installation it ends up saying

Sorry we are currently not supporting ROOTED devices.



Here is the solution for what you are seeking… how to install Nokia Z launcher on rooted devices?

Don’t worry guys, no beating head into the wall. After 15 minutes Z launcher will be  on your device!


Things we need:

1. Xposed Module Installed.

2. A cup of Coffee.

3. And a couch…Relax!


I assume though, that you possess a Rooted Device, off-course that’s why you are here!.

I also assume that you are using Xposed frameworks. Just in case you are not aware, here is the APK

Xposed Installer–DOWNLOAD




  • Install the Nokia Z launcher apk. And then the Xposed Installer (If you have not installed it yet!)
  • Now as we proceed, after Installation go inside Application and Hit ‘Install/Update option.



Files will be copied and Xposed framework in now installed on your device.

  • Now REBOOT your device.

After device is back from a nap(rebooted ), go to ‘Modules’. And find a module name ‘RootCloak’ and Install it.



RootCloak is the modules to hide the device’s info that ‘it is rooted‘ from the apps that do not allow rooted devices. Just like Harry Potter and Invisibility Cloak, its hides your identity!

  • Now reboot device again. (Most modules require a reboot for install/uninstall).

After reboot, go to RootCloak, and click on ‘+’ symbol to add an Application from the installed applications, from which you want to hide the root information. Select Z launcher‘.





Voila!!  You got it..yes you did it!

Now enjoy your coffee on the couch while exploring The Nokia Z launcher!


Some Screenshots from The Nokia Z launcher are here. (wallpaper not included e105 )












Please post any questions for help.

Credits: My ultimate Geek and an Android Developer Friend +Amit Chaudhary.

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Sky Force 2014: Tips and Tricks to move ahead.

Skyforce 2014   Howdy friends, One of the most action packed games of Symbian era, SkyForce from the developer of wonderfully beautiful games, Infinite Dreams, has made a début in Android and iOS play Stores as Sky Force 2014. Celebrating its 10th anniversary Edition, game has new challenging levels, graphics and animation. Immensely attractive action packed game now has, a new addition of Voice-over support by system AI in a female voice that, in headphones or over Speakers makes the game-play more immersive and aggressive. Here are certain details I would like to throw in for those users who are having a first time interaction with the game.

Game Insight:

Sky Force 2014 has 8 levels with progressive unlocking regimen. Every new Stage unlocks when number of medals to unlock that stage are achieved. and So you go on like  this. Game becomes increasingly challenging once you have crossed the Stage 4.

Smart Progression:

You can unlock 4 Medallions per Stage.

  • Destroy 70% of Enemies Forces.
  • Destroy 100% of Enemies Forces
  • Rescue All People.
  • Stay untouched.

And by default each stage comes in NORMAL mode. Once you have procured all 4 Medals in a particular stage, you unlock the HARD mode in that Stage with those 4 medals to be unlocked Again! Successfully conquer of 4 Medals in HARD mode takes you further to final INSANE mode. So there are a total of 12 Medallions and a progressive challenge in each Stage where ‘Observation’  is the key. Screenshot_2014-06-14-10-11-53abc   Screenshot_2014-06-14-10-11-53abcd For those who are new to Sky Force series, master the pattern of appearance of your enemy planes/cannons/choppers. Yes, there is a fixed pattern!


Lots of upgrades are available in the store where you can upgrade your plane and attach it with special upgrades. Screenshot_2014-06-14-10-11-53ab Plane upgrades are

  • Health – endurance of the plane.
  • Main Cannon – power of bullets from main cannon.
  • Wing Cannon – power of bullets from wing cannons.
  • Magnet – ability of the plane to attract stars from a distance.
  • Missiles – power of missiles launched by automatic intelligent missile launcher.

Special upgrades are:

  • Laser
  • Energy Shield
  • Mega Bomb

Upgrades are smart and each component can be upgraded to a Level 3 at a cost of stars earned. You can Buy additional stars from Store purchases for quick advancement. Care should be taken to upgrade components wisely.

Using special upgrades:

Special upgrades are available in certain stages of Skyforce 2014 as soon as the stage begins. You can equip upto 5 of each upgrades(upto 5 lasers, upto 5 energy shields and 3 mega bombs) per stage. Screenshot_2014-06-14-10-11-53 For using the Special upgrade, remove the finger from screen while playing. You will get into Slow-Motion mode and now you will see three buttons to select which power to use, with the number of each one available at the moment. You earn additional special upgrades by killing the enemies as well.

Verdict and Advice:

Little but handy things to remember while playing Sky force 2014.

  • Use your power of Observation and master the patterns of appearances of enemy planes.
  • Before progressing to tougher Stages try mastering levels in previous stages and collecting as  many  medals.
  • Upgrade your plane carefully.
  • Do not under-estimate the power of Special upgrades.
  • Move with one objective in mind and focus on attaining one medal at a time.


Spoilers Ahead…………………………………..

Catch in Stage 5: The Walkthrough for Stage 5

Stage 5 is a very tactful stage of Sky force 2014. Where your ability of be swiftly navigating your plane will be on test. There is an EMF missile launched by a submarine which constantly follows your plane, it never dies until the end. And on striking your plane, it renders your plane void of all the defence and fire-power. Your plane now  just moves on with no fire-power or equipments. To clear this stage you require:

  • A constant track of the missiles’ location and keep it diverting by quick motions.
  • One flank to opposite side of Missiles direction makes it take a circular round and again come towards your plane, so you gain additional time to kill the cannons on ground. Thankfully, no enemy planes in this stage.
  • Keep moving plane randomly.
  • Aim for one medal at a time.
  • From options menu try using ‘away-from-thumb’ plane guiding mode (Screenshot below). It allows you to relocate your plane quickly as soon as EMF missile approaches near.

Screenshot_2014-06-15-20-31-29a   Suggestion: If stricken by Missile no other such missile will come and you can not shoot now. Do not exit game but try saving humans and reach the end to procure at least one medal, and it’s still possible! Yes I did that, by just escaping the enemy fires and care fully guiding your plane in safe spots, since there is no EMF missile following your plane now.

Story after Stage 6 (on Sky Force Stage 7 )


Finally Stage 7 is unlocked and I have cleared in 3rd attempt. Here is a guide for you on how to clear Skyforce Stage 7.


Clear Skyforce Stage 7:

This stage is heavily swarmed with lots of cannons, multi-directional cannons and squadron of planes, usually in groups of 20. But it’s nearly impossible to complete this stage without the help of powers! Here is an extended guide for clearing Stage 7.

  • Its best to load your plane with maximum number of shields but use them wisely. You will surely need 2 lasers and best to carry 2 Mega bombs.


  • Initially you can tackle with all the ground cannons and tanks easily if playing with precision and avoiding bullets.
  • As and when a squadron of Golden planes arrives, you need to be extra careful, keep in focus the cannons on the ground .
  • Keep Shield ready when you feel its a lot of activity on screen because it really gets messy at times.
  • If you play well and keep the striking-streak (your streak bar on top of screen) alive, you will earn 2 Lasers and 3 shields during game-play.
  • As you reach in middle there will be a Squadron of big green planes, that will surround you from all the four sides. To tackle this situation, you can use two strategies.




  1. Use shield (if playing for STAY UNTOUCHED medal, and wait for first squadron to surround you, and unleash the Megabomb. But wait one more squadron appears quicklt after this. Tackle them with same strategy or you can form your own.
  2. use shield and wait for the second squadron as well to arrive along with planes from first squadron. Position plane on the bottom of the screen And now unleash the Laser and swipe plane from left to right(or vice versa), and kill on the cannons mounted on the green planes, and now you are through!
  •  Now as you proceed there will be a spot where as many as 30+ Golden planes will come. Don’t loose focus, better kill them with a Laser, or use Shield and kill them with cannon, by quickly moving your plane LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT.

Boss battle Skyforce stage 7

  • Boss Battle is really gruesome! Toughest boss till now! To defeat the Stage 7 Boss, you need at-least 2 shields and 2 lasers or 1 laser and a Mega-bomb. But Laser is always effective. As soon as Boss Tank comes out of the Garage, quickly use a shield and use laser to kill  the central cannon first, and then go for electric cannons on Front and small cannons at the tail. As you kill the last cannon, now a central cannons plus two wing cannons appear that never go off! You definitely need shield to at least direct your Firepower to them, and can’t face those cannons upfront. Kill them with laser! and You WIN!!






Skyforce Stage 8

Stage 8 of Sky Force is now open. will soon publish the walk through when I am finished.


Please post any questions for help. I am a fan of this game for last 10 years, and it  has never stopped being so wonderful!!

You can add me from my GOOGLE+ Profile for Tournament play!


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Google plus integration “An Internal Error Occurred” : [SOLUTION]



Heya guys!


I recently bumped into a problem while integrating Google+ to my Android application. On signing in(code is  available on many websites) it raised a Toast saying “an internal error has occured”.

I am here with a quick 3 step guide.

(I Assume you have all the code properly written in your test application and have activated Google+ API from Google+ Dev Console !)

Step 1:

Go to the above site and under the tab “API” on the Right hand Side menu, Also activate Google+ Domains API.


Step2 :


Now under the same tab you will see “Consent Screen” Its the screen for user’s consent to Let the application Access his account information. You can design it your way.





Now just login from your application and bingo!!

you did it!


Please let me know if any other issue you do face !





Sygic’s MapMyIndia Android based Offline Navigation App goes completely FREE in India!


Howdy friends!

I know it’s been long time no posts I can smell that !

But here I break the silence with this Good News for the android users in India and off-course a Bad one for Sygic and MapMyIndia, the famous navigation App maker. If you are a travelling enthusiast or someone who even loves to find your lost socks with your Android’s smart navigation facility, I bet you”l jump in sheer thrill and bump into Google PlayStore right away! Yes, now you can download the Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps application for your your android device, completely free.

The application previously priced at RS 1399 with more than a 10 Million downloads, and a Rating of 4.2/5 by a total of 150k users is now offered for free in Indian sub-continent. Yes, totally FREE!

This application sourced it data from one of most famous navigation repository owned my MapMyIndia.  And the reason behind this ?

Let’s hear what Michael Stencl, CEO of maps provider Sygic said

Our Sygic & MapmyIndia app has been one of the most successful and top-grossing in India on Google Play, but India still has a very low penetration of credit cards, which makes it difficult to monetize there successfully.

As an application for navigation, Sygic can be of great importance in a country where the network coverage is quite sporadic at times and state of internet keeps shuffling from fantastic to annoying. So giving a try to this application, won’t be a bad idea.

Some of the key features of the app:

  • Turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation
  • 3D cities and landscapes
  • Voice guidance in more than 40 languages
  • Multi-stop routes and Drag & Drop route editing
  • Speed limit display and audio warning
  • Road incident sharing with other drivers
  • Sharp curve warnings for added safety
  • SOS/Help to find assistance nearby Interactive map – tap on any street, POI, or photo to choose action

No doubt one would surely love to get this application since it also provides offline Navigation unlike Google Maps. And yes its a perfect choice for your Samsung Galaxy Tab-2 WiFi only and similar WiFi only devices.
So what are you waiting for get the most popular offline GPS navigation app HERE.

Now find your way hassle free.
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Tricky Android 4.2 Menu: ‘Developer Options’ are hidden!


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You will be really amazed to find out that the new Android Os version 4.2 (Jelly Beans) has a hidden menu, which was previously easily available, but now being Hidden. Yes, the ‘Developer Options‘ is missing from normal menu view. And if you are a Developer, you may beat your head at first, on not finding this Menu where it was supposed to be!

Well ascertain of why Google hid it from the Menu (probably because these may be dangerous for normal users) but, here is a simple trick to how to make it visible.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go down to the “System” sub-section of the settings menu at the bottom
  • Hit “About Phone [or Tablet]”
  • At or near the bottom, you should see the “Build number” header
  • Tap this area about 10 times, and the Developer Options menu should appear.






Once you do this, Developer options appear at the bottom and now you can carry on enjoying your upgrade!

ah…did I really saved you from a SHOCK…?


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Here comes ‘online yellow page’ for Indian mobile users too; TrueCaller.


Howdy friends!

You will really be amazed after reading this application suggestion for your Android and iOS devices. I may have been a bit late to know about this application but if you still haven’t downloaded this one, then this will be your application of the day.

Here is a Yellow page application TRUECALLER, actually a directory used worldwide for searching people by entering their phone numbers or name. Indian Mobile Mass can now benefit from it, which can give you the name of the Unknown number call.  And this application comes out handy in knowing about at least some information about the number if, that was one in your ‘annoying callers’ List. Moreover you can surprise your friends by telling the name of the person using that number!

Basically it is a White Pages, Yellow Pages and Phone number directory with around half a Billion phone number Worldwide as claimed by the Application makers.



Well the application works in a very simple manner(you may not like it). It searches the number uploaded by the application from users on TRUECALLER and provides you with a result. For your info, you may sometimes get a wrong name for a number or not a name at all. For example, you may get somebody’s name as ‘XYZ Uncle Delhi’ just because the person from whose contacts it has been updated must have saved it like that!


Facebook connect

Spam protection from message and calls both

Notification options

Ask a friend (on Facebook)

Permissions required:

DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS: to perform call from Truecaller.

RECEIVE SMS/READ SMS: : to search SMS senders.

FULL INTERNET ACCESS: to communicate with services from truecaller.

WRITE CONTACT DATA: to save contacts in the phonebook.

READ CONTACT DATA: to check if a number exists in the phonebook.

READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: to interact with calls.

INTERCEPT OUTGOING CALLS: to perform searches during outgoing.

DISABLE KEYLOCK: to display caller state.

VIEW NETWORK STATE: to check network connection.

MODIFY PHONE STATE: to block calls and sms.

Last words from me:

Application is developed by a Swedish company and has recently been in news in India for owning around 1.6 Million users in India itself. The concern was raised regarding the security of the Phone numbers of people using it. Because application, as soon as it installs in the phone of a user, uploads the complete contact list to the TRUECALLER servers to make it available via the Giant Phonebook ! You can even find the same info on TRUECALLER website. So it may at least be a nice source for Telemarketers to get a list for some calls and annoy Users

Though, Alan Mamedi, COO and co-founder of app-maker True Software Scandinavia AB, says “Our engineers are experienced in this field and we have our own architecture”. But the concern is that Linkedin too was hacked very recently! So, none of the websites and databases can be said to be perfectly safe from Hackers!

Meanwhile my point is that, the App is true-fun but, If concerns are there…..don’t mind it buddy. Your name is already been in the list. 🙂

I found mine..My dad’s and even My Mom’s name there…! BINGO!