Pendrive or USB drive displaying only shortcuts ? Here’s the Solution!



Howdy friends! Here I am with a common computer virus issue faced majorly in educational institutions. Usually what happens in this case is that, your pendrive statistics show that it is occupied with data but, inside of it only shows that it has one or few shortcuts! Data in your pendrive shows only one shortcut or looks something like the following image.


Let’s get to the solution:

Here is the solution provided, you have not formatted your pendrive:


Step 1 : Start Command Prompt (with Administrator privileges )  




Click on START   type in cmd and right click cmd.exe and click ‘Run as Administrator’.


Step 2 : Note down the Drive Letter for your pendrive.





Here in this example Drive letter is  I: (as you can see in the Image Above).


Step 3 : Type this command.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d i:\*.*





attrib -h -r -s /s /d i:\*.*    (read it as attribspace-hspace-rspace-sspace/sspace/dspacei:\*.*).

Or simply copy the Command in green color and paste it inside CMD and strike ‘ENTER‘ key.


Step 4 : Wait for some time (depending on the size of data inside the pendrive).

You will notice the cursor blinking but stay patient, and wait till there is something to display on your Command Prompt screen.  Don’t worry even if it displays certain errors like “The file or directory is corrupt or unreadable”. It’s just the system’s message for certain files.


Step 5 : Check back the pendrive.

Data must have returned in the pendrive, possible in a unnamed folder with original folder structure, and many shortcuts. Delete the suspicious files and some stupid ‘.ini’ files and continue.


I hope it solves your issue. And do not forget to share the information with your friends, because this is the most commonly faced issues.

So next  time, don’t FORMAT and groan for your lost data just CMD’ed it!


UPDATE: Some people are facing problem in not reaching the solution. Here is one suggestion I would like to make. before you progress with any commands, try this.


Go to Control Panel> Folder Options, select VIEW tab, SelectShow hidden files, folders and drives” and UncheckHide protected operating system files (recommended)” now click APPLY. And now try the command.

Do not forget to put spaces as mentioned in the command parameters and replacing your drive letter.


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WhatsApp on PC…..WOW!


Howdy Friends!

We are all so much addicted to WhatsApp already. Indeed an amazing chat application available on all the platforms. I would like you to know today, how can you make it run on your PC! Yes and also with this you can run various android apps on your PC..Laptop on Windows or Mac platform.

Things you will need: An Android Emulator for Windows/Mac platform, Internet & PC ( else it doesn’t works…lol )

We will be using Bluestacks App Player. This emulator is most famous one these days and works really really good. It is in the beta testing stage so may crash sometimes but, I have used it personally and still am using it. So far so good no crashed till date!

Here are some screen shots of the Emulator


bluestack Loading




Notification Bar

We will search the App we want to install in search bar, like Whatsapp here.


Installing Whatsapp


Google Playstore


Downloading App

Register Whatsapp with your information.


Registering On Whatsapp

Well it was not so tough to make it happen, isn’t it?

All you need is Bluestack and a mobile number (off-course you do).

Download it from here

any issues you can ask in the comment section here or check for resolved ones at Bluestacks’ own site.

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Are you facing “Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters” Error while unzipping ?


Howdy Friends!

Well I once myself came across this confusing issue once, while extracting a ‘ZIP’ file in my laptop. on extraction it said 

“Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters”.

Just FYI its basically a very interesting error that needs a layman explanation I would like you to know.

Basically a ZIP file is a compressed folder contents of which are suppressed as much as possible, keeping in mind the two Rules:

  • Space saving .
  • No data Loss while Unzipping it back to the normal.

So when we unzip a file, it primarily is stored somewhere in ‘Users’ folder ( let’s not go much in detail ), and then moves to the destination you have mentioned or a default destination of extraction. Softwares like Winrar (most commonly used) have set their location parameters not to exceed 260 characters in length. That means when the location distance exceeds more than the path specified, it shows error. Not to mention, zip file’s name-length also matters!

For example is shorter name than!

So, basically we can come over this error by using Window’s (XP/Vista/7/8) built in Zip software. Winzip in XP and Windows Explorer in further OS versions.

Simple Steps…

Step 1 (image below)

  • Select the ZIP file.
  • Go to Options Pane and select little arrow besideOPEN‘ option. Alternatively you can ‘Right Click’ and Select ‘Open with..’
  • And from the given choices select ‘Windows Explorer’.

Here are the screen shots I just took to elaborate it.

Image No one

Image no. 1

Step 2 (image below)

  • A new window opens just like any explorer window, showing the contents of the ZIP file, as a Folder.
  • Just Click>Drag the folder inside to location of your choice and Drop/Release.
  • Done!

Image no. 2

In this image, number 1 shows the explorer window, with folder name same as of the ZIP file if you notice. Number 2 is the Drag and number 3 is the extracted folder.

And Bingo! You are done!

I hope you Liked the Info. Any queries Please let me know!

This method might be a discreet one and may not help some people, but still is most accepted one!

Thanks For Reading


Ever came across a Downloader like this?


JDownloader Icon

Yeah well, this is the first post in this section, that actually is my favorite one.

I will be talking about those people who like their PCs and Laptops be on work all the time, even when they themselves actually are busy munching some potato chips or taking a nap. And if you like to suck every last bit of your Broadband’s Speed, then here is one more Download Software J Downlaoder. Yup I know a question that just hit your mind ‘Ah.. I know IDM is better at all costs’ , then I will double you on that unless you actually give this piece of code some try !

First things First, It’s Free! Yes It is Open Source.

JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers, that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It’s an easy-to-extend framework that can save hours of your valuable time every day!

Yes, guys it Auto extracts Archives. And the best thing is, you don’t have to manually set the passwords for extraction each time. It remembers all the Passwords you ever used to any file before!


Extraction Process


Password Selection

I used it, infact using it. It actually is Intelligent when it comes to selecting Links and categorizing them according to the FileHosting Service.

You can give it a good try. HERE

Thanks For Reading!