Can’t kill your time alone? Want to do something creative?



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Here I am again with a new interesting suggestion for you on ‘How can you pass time while Alone?’ Well may sound a bit out of taste but, despite of all those things you must be thinking of you do ( those naughty ones I mean..), it’s not one of those. May be you are having better ideas of spending your free time then I have but, just take a look around on this website where you can do some really interesting science stuff at home, read about some quick facts, get some lovely quotes and even find some hobbies to develop for yourself if, you don’t have one. It’s Buzzle.


This site also has a section where, they have clearly sectioned all the types of hobbies such as Arts, Dance, Collectibles, Kid Arts and much more information just to let you choose what are you good at and give you an idea which is more feasible for you according to your lifestyle. Infact kids would find it more useful hotspot for information.





From your daily lives to incredibly amazing things, even the philosophical stuff, you’ll surely wonder what isn’t there on Buzzle that you would love to know!

I just love going to this web site in spare time I hope you find it wonderfully well for your spare time too. Let’s make each moment worth.

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Tricky Android 4.2 Menu: ‘Developer Options’ are hidden!


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You will be really amazed to find out that the new Android Os version 4.2 (Jelly Beans) has a hidden menu, which was previously easily available, but now being Hidden. Yes, the ‘Developer Options‘ is missing from normal menu view. And if you are a Developer, you may beat your head at first, on not finding this Menu where it was supposed to be!

Well ascertain of why Google hid it from the Menu (probably because these may be dangerous for normal users) but, here is a simple trick to how to make it visible.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go down to the “System” sub-section of the settings menu at the bottom
  • Hit “About Phone [or Tablet]”
  • At or near the bottom, you should see the “Build number” header
  • Tap this area about 10 times, and the Developer Options menu should appear.






Once you do this, Developer options appear at the bottom and now you can carry on enjoying your upgrade!

ah…did I really saved you from a SHOCK…?


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Search anything instantly from a specific-website directly from ‘Address Bar’ in Chrome!


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Well this is realy interesting and short post, telling you how to search a specific-website related query, directly from a EMPTY NEW TAB in Google Chrome Browser. This is not at all a trick or any geek thing. Infact, it is a feature in Google chrome browser that most of us may have just missed or never cared about!

Here you go…
For example you have to make a search directly to IMDB, we wil proceed like this.
Just click in address/search bar and Type followed by a Space bar stroke. ( Or press TAB button).

Images here



Actually Chrome uses a smart step of adding the Search providers in memory, if you have used the SEARCH button on any website even once. Like these in my Chrome Settings.


SO next time…search a quickie like a finger’s click!

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WhatsApp on PC…..WOW!


Howdy Friends!

We are all so much addicted to WhatsApp already. Indeed an amazing chat application available on all the platforms. I would like you to know today, how can you make it run on your PC! Yes and also with this you can run various android apps on your PC..Laptop on Windows or Mac platform.

Things you will need: An Android Emulator for Windows/Mac platform, Internet & PC ( else it doesn’t works…lol )

We will be using Bluestacks App Player. This emulator is most famous one these days and works really really good. It is in the beta testing stage so may crash sometimes but, I have used it personally and still am using it. So far so good no crashed till date!

Here are some screen shots of the Emulator


bluestack Loading




Notification Bar

We will search the App we want to install in search bar, like Whatsapp here.


Installing Whatsapp


Google Playstore


Downloading App

Register Whatsapp with your information.


Registering On Whatsapp

Well it was not so tough to make it happen, isn’t it?

All you need is Bluestack and a mobile number (off-course you do).

Download it from here

any issues you can ask in the comment section here or check for resolved ones at Bluestacks’ own site.

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