Tricky Android 4.2 Menu: ‘Developer Options’ are hidden!


Howdy friends!

You will be really amazed to find out that the new Android Os version 4.2 (Jelly Beans) has a hidden menu, which was previously easily available, but now being Hidden. Yes, the ‘Developer Options‘ is missing from normal menu view. And if you are a Developer, you may beat your head at first, on not finding this Menu where it was supposed to be!

Well ascertain of why Google hid it from the Menu (probably because these may be dangerous for normal users) but, here is a simple trick to how to make it visible.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go down to the “System” sub-section of the settings menu at the bottom
  • Hit “About Phone [or Tablet]”
  • At or near the bottom, you should see the “Build number” header
  • Tap this area about 10 times, and the Developer Options menu should appear.






Once you do this, Developer options appear at the bottom and now you can carry on enjoying your upgrade!

ah…did I really saved you from a SHOCK…?


Thanks for Reading