Google says “We Are The Web”!


Howdy everyone! New post comes here, Its about internet and certain happenings in the latest past.

Internet is not owned by governments and territories. Just like nature made few thing that don’t carry the Changeable attributes, Some thing have been made by Mankind, irrespective of the places they were Invented. An ‘Idea’ has always been the formula for major changes around the world and civilizations under discrete circumstances. And Internet being one of those inventions, belongs to all human race.

Certainly you can make Laws to stop Piracy and Spread knowledge about its harms and losses but you can never Force and Bar people from ‘Sharing’ that indeed, is the reason of internet be so popular today. There have been Major incidents last year that raised questions around the world about the integrity of Internet and its Freedom . Various organisations, social or private expressed their discontentment over a course of actions taken by certain nations, in their own ways. And in recent at the year end, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) brought some regulators from around the world to re-negotiate a decades-old communications treaty. And that was way too much to pretend like owners of the internet and not regulators!

Well Google never stays behind! In fact they have dedicated a separate Website for the purpose that people should know, I just came across this when one of my friends told me.

Google made a Tree of events in their Chronological Order.


So what is happening is that, Google responded with Vox Populi from around the world and provided them a medium to let the the governments of Certain countries know that they just can’t Censor Internet just like anything they do. It’s a medium and not a thing that, belongs to people…to you and to me.

Here is Google’s Website about this. You can say anything you want ( sparing foul language obviously, else they will catch you….LOL ). And moreover you can see on a World Map, what others have said.
Really Internet has made this World so small, so much in reach, so much spontaneous and so much social.

Do check it out like this:

Google take action

Hear Voices World Wide

Understand what is at Stake in Plain language.

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(Courtesy to my friend Pravesh Kaushik)

And this Video, is as good as you watch it.