How savage are we still ?


She was beautiful, cute and lovely daughter of her parents. A student and a good friend. But ruthlessly she was grabbed and left to die by some barbaric,uncivilized, inhumane people. Perhaps she may never have thought of her life ending so tragically and had no idea whatsoever. This is about the Brave Indian girl from New Delhi, who was brutally abused and left to succumb to her injuries.

We have come a far way from our savage styles of living. Food we eat, places we visit, Dresses we wear and all the Luxuries we live in still do not refine the answer to the question that “Have we still came way far from that moron past our ancestors lived while they were mere animals or close to that ?”

While there this group of unruly, selfish and beastly brainless people were out for a hunch on Delhi roads, wasn’t a single bit of humanity existed in their minds?

Well we know that ‘SEX’ obviously is a least talked about topic in our societies but do we also know it yet remains most committed ?

So while these people belonged to the same Society of principles and Morals where did all their conscience faded away right when they even thought of committing such a heinous crime?

What can Possibly be the reasons behind happening of this shameful activity on Live Roads in the National Capital of a Nation so famous for its Culture and Values ??

Is it fractured mentality? No fear of law in people ? or A crippled Judicial System ?

Irony is Media in Our nation is just  Breaking News Frenzy. No serious topics, never finds an end to a question raised by public and so immature, that if one channel was ahead in revealing a scam, other channels won’t bother and continue to stick to other basic happenings. Lack of Unity in Media makes a severe mockery of great events at times. And at some other times those so called hot news  would fade away once some other Big News will be in public. Except a few serious News Channels, rest are more laborious towards fetching a great deal of media and news awards.

Politics is at its worst in this country. Leading parties are worried about staying for an additional 5 year haul while parties in opposition want to make their chances bright. No matter what happens in the country, Media raises the Mic and cameras and Party representatives and speakers make comments. Noticeably as lewd as possible. So, this category of people can be considered responsible and equally unresponsive in a National crisis.

Judicial System is such a failure in our nation. No doubt it deals with large number of cases daily, but there hasn’t been effective measures taken to pace up the solution making process. All plan end up in parliament’s failed bills trash.

And Police, its better if we not speak about them. We know what a failure they are at all levels. For distinct personalities they are mere Bodygaurds  and for normal people they are Police wala Gundas .

Now when we come to our society, rather ‘societies’ would be a much better word to use for a single more Diverse nation like ours, we haven’t progressed way too ahead from ancient preachings . We dwell in a virtual period of social stigmas, moral obligations and orthodox methods. Unfortunately, leaders of many Cast based organisations, some of them are women, emphatically blame females for such happenings.

There is much to talk about all this and much still being talked on those Great Indian News Talk Shows.  It’s rather more polemical for one, to express their views in such regard. There hasn’t ever been a better reason for anything than asking from one’s self, that how much have they been a part of any such crime, even if they just had a bad thought ever in their minds. Answer lies plainly available in one line.

Despite boasting so much about the secularism, Diversity, Culture, Society and Principles of our nation, we now stand like a failed scholar! More we drove ourselves from accepting the Modern day’s flow, more we fell into a ditch so dark and kept broadening the gap between Morality and barbarity.

We have always considered women as a ‘material’ and not a living in our local social constitutions. We have always raised fingers on her. Then whatever she became was a result of a long stretched social coercion. Its is just not about this one girl, this is about thousands who suffer each month..each week…each day and each moment. They just don’t speak!

And when they do, they tremor the civilizations round the globe!