Search anything instantly from a specific-website directly from ‘Address Bar’ in Chrome!


Howdy friends!

Well this is realy interesting and short post, telling you how to search a specific-website related query, directly from a EMPTY NEW TAB in Google Chrome Browser. This is not at all a trick or any geek thing. Infact, it is a feature in Google chrome browser that most of us may have just missed or never cared about!

Here you go…
For example you have to make a search directly to IMDB, we wil proceed like this.
Just click in address/search bar and Type followed by a Space bar stroke. ( Or press TAB button).

Images here



Actually Chrome uses a smart step of adding the Search providers in memory, if you have used the SEARCH button on any website even once. Like these in my Chrome Settings.


SO next time…search a quickie like a finger’s click!

Thanks for Reading.