Here comes the New Year.


2013, Most awaited year we can say, after what we call a whole chain of theories and buried historic factual declarations, all of which confirmed that world would end as 2012 ends. Even media and Hollywood were not left behind in preposterous race for Ratings and fame. Well, just like any other myth or a series of events took turn may be, we are all alive and looking forward.

Though celebrations across world were not as they had been in the past, this new year has emerged out of the blue. There were major socio-political situations all over the world, even till the fall 2012. Possibility of this year being a challenging one for everyone are High.

We have been a lot through last year, Good or Bad but mostly unpredictable. there were Global political reforms, technological advancements, Price rise, Sting operations, Defamation in Sports, New choice of Music, Movies based on reality and a lot of personal stuff. But we faced the toughest and enjoyed the most interesting, just like that! So, we made a commitment to accept life the way it comes in face, and made our chances of living longer and prosperous, more ardent.

There will be new changes this year and we all have backed ourselves up for them. Good they will be, we will take them in and multiply manifolds and spread. Bad they will be, we will face them head-on and outshine them with our smiles.

That is what we resolute every year, in the form of a New Year’s Resolution. Be it whatever but it reflects the inspiration to advance further and a zeal of living life whichever way it drags itself.

Thanks for reading

Happy new year to all.